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Foreign workers in New Brunswick working at certain eligible companies may apply for the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot.

The New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot is an employer-driven immigration program. Candidate applications to the pilot are made through the employer. The program does not allow for direct application from candidates without a job offer from a participating employer.

The six employers participating in the pilot were selected because of their track record of good immigrant recruitment practices.

The six employers who are participating in the pilot include:

  • Cooke Aquaculture
  • Groupe Savoie Inc.
  • Groupe Westco
  • Imperial Manufacturing
  • J.D. Irving Ltd.
  • McCain Foods

As part of the pilot, these employers are required to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have robust settlement plans for housing and transportation to support the establishment of candidates into their new jobs and communities, with commitments to long-term retention
  • Have comprehensive human resources planning in place for recruiting and hiring international talent, and for on-the-job skills enhancement
  • Provide up to 200 hours of language training, as required
  • Offer guidance and support to candidates who may wish to pursue their Canadian secondary education equivalency

The New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot is a pilot program, meaning it will be available for five years. Afterwards, it will either become a permanent program or be discontinued.

See the New Brunswick government’s website for more details.

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