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Youth from over 30 countries can live and work in Canada under the International Experience Canada work permit program.

IEC Categories & Latest Updates

Get all your IEC questions answered here.

Only citizens of certain countries are eligible for IEC. Find out if you’re eligible.

Stay up to date on the latest IEC news, including how many spots remain.

The most popular IEC program, the Working Holiday, allows you to live and work anywhere in Canada.

Students can obtain work experience in Canada related to their field of study.

For youth who obtain eligible job offers from Canadian employers.

A Recognized Organization (RO) is an official organization that helps youth participate in IEC.

Your IEC application

Register for a free Moving2Canada account and you can access a personalized checklist for your IEC application.

It may make sense to apply well in advance of your intended travel dates. Find out here.

Step-by-step instructions on how to submit your IEC application.

Take some stress out of your IEC application ensuring you avoid these common errors.

Tips and tricks for applying to IEC with your partner or friends.

Biometrics are an important part of your IEC process. Here’s what you need.

Health insurance is mandatory for IEC participants. Find out what you need here.

Uploading documents for your application is trickier than you might think. These are the requirements for file size and format.

Most documents have to be uploaded with your initial application, but in some cases you can upload documents after.

Make sure you have all the correct documents when you arrive in Canada.

Getting your IEC police certificate(s) is a key step in coming to Canada.

The Canadian Working Holiday Visa presents certain benefits to UK travellers specifically. Discover them here.

Although the Working Holiday Visa is one of the easiest pathways to Canada for foreign workers, life doesn’t go as planned and leveraging this permit might not always be straightforward. So, what are its alternatives for moving to Canada?

From pre-arrival to post-arrival costs, here is your guide on how to budget your move to Canada through IEC.

While in Canada

It is possible to be self-employed on your Working Holiday, but you have to follow certain rules.

In most cases, you can’t extend an IEC work permit. These are the rare exceptions where you can.

Want to stay in Canada after your IEC work permit ends? These are your options.

Maintained status allows certain workers to continue working while a new work permit is being processed. Learn more.

Tips and tricks from Working Holidaymakers to Working Holidaymakers. Thank us later.

Take full advantage of your Working Holiday experience in Canada with these jobs that will let you work AND explore.

Everyone loves Toronto and Vancouver, but have you considered one of these alternative destinations?

IEC Community & Resources

Join our IEC Facebook Group to discuss your application with fellow travellers.

Not sure Canada is the right choice? Here are a few options around the world for your Working Holiday.

Latest Updates

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