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Moving2Canada is the proud winner of the Small Business BC Award in 2019, with founder Ruairi Spillane also recognised among the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants in 2022.

About Moving2Canada

The story of humanity is a story about people on the move, of people seeking new opportunities, safety, and adventure. This is the story of Canada, a vast country that has welcomed people from all walks of life from around the world.

But even as Canada ramps up immigration to historic highs, Canada has a problem: newcomer success and retention.

All too often, newcomers end up underemployed and not achieving their potential in Canada. The newcomer experience doesn’t always match the brochure, leading some to cut loose and leave Canada before establishing roots. This is not to the benefit of Canada, Canadians and newcomers alike.

After observing many newcomers falling through the cracks and not achieving their potential, Ruairi Spillane — himself a newcomer, but not yet the founder of Moving2Canada — became curious about success factors for newcomers, observing that planning and access to quality information are critical factors and that many gatekeepers were guarding information.

Thus in 2012, Moving2Canada went live to empower newcomers to build their dream lives in Canada, quickly building a global community of hundreds of thousands. A decade later, and with the support of federal government grant funding, Moving2Canada relaunched its website with unique technology that gives people around the world an even better platform to make their move affordably and with confidence. The government recognizes that Moving2Canada plays a critical role in helping newcomers achieve success and stay long-term.

We do not take a penny from the community for the free information and technology on offer — everything is free. In addition to grant funding, we enjoy the support of ally organizations in our shared mission to support recent and prospective newcomers.

We help people to build better lives in a country that celebrates diversity and offers safety, opportunity, and quality of life.

When it seems that moving is impossible, we show the way.

When someone thinks they can’t succeed without Canadian experience, we demonstrate how.

When someone’s reality of Canada does not meet their expectations, we show them that there is a place for them here — a place they can and should call “home”.

The Moving2Canada team reflects the community, living and breathing the newcomer experience on a personal level. The team includes first-generation immigrants from Ireland, India, the United States, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom, and second-generation immigrants from Jamaica and El Salvador. This diversity gives us an extraordinary perspective on the newcomer experience — past, present, and future.

– The Moving2Canada Team