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The story of humanity is one of people seeking new opportunities, safety, and adventure. But at the same time, moving to a new country is one of the biggest decisions you'll make. Moving2Canada is here to help you write the next chapter of your story in Canada.

Welcome to Moving2Canada, your free resource hub for navigating life in Canada. Whether you’re planning your move or have recently arrived, we provide the information you need to start strong. Our funding comes from government grants and partnerships with trusted commercial partners, which means we’re able to provide this content to you for free.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to empower one million newcomers to settle successfully in Canada by 2032, helping them to build better lives in a country that celebrates diversity and offers safety, opportunity, and quality of life.

Our mission is to empower newcomers to create their dream life in Canada.

Why We Do It

Canada faces a challenge: newcomer success and retention. Too often, newcomers like you end up underemployed and unable to reach your potential, sometimes leaving Canada before establishing roots.

Our founder, Ruairi Spillane, saw this and recognized that planning and access to quality information are critical for your success. In 2012, Moving2Canada was started to empower you to build your dream lives here, in Canada. With federal government support, we relaunched our website in 2023 to provide you with even better tools and resources to make your move confidently. We play a critical role in helping you achieve success and stay in Canada long-term.

We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Welcome to your new home.

Welcome to Moving2Canada.

Moving2Canada is a Free Resource

Moving2Canada is funded by our carefully-selected commercial partners. These partnerships allow us to bring you all of the resources listed above for free. We believe in the value our partners bring, and all our partners are all carefully vetted by us. By supporting our partners, you directly support Moving2Canada and allow us to continue to bring you — and others like you — the information, tools, guides, and resources for free.

Explore Our Partners

How We Do It

Moving2Canada offers the following resources:

  • Free Moving2Canada account: your free account contains tailored checklists, information and resources, and relevant links to exclusive offers from our partners.
  • Exclusive offers from relevant partners that provide helpful services and products for newcomers to Canada.
  • News and features: we share up-to-date information about changes to immigration policy and processes, life in Canada, and other news that impacts newcomers to Canada.
  • Immigration resources: our website contains detailed information about the available immigration pathways.
  • Financial resources: you can find helpful information about managing your money in a new country.
  • Healthcare resources: navigating Canada’s healthcare system can be confusing, you’ll find empowering resources at Moving2Canada.
  • Plus a host of other helpful guides including destination guides, guides to life in Canada, study resources, and more.

Meet The Moving2Canada Team

The Moving2Canada team reflects our community, living and breathing the newcomer experience on a personal level. Our team includes first-generation immigrants from Ireland, India, the United States, Nigeria, Brazil, the Philippines, Australia, and the United Kingdom, and second-generation immigrants from Jamaica and El Salvador. This diversity gives us an extraordinary perspective on the newcomer experience — past, present, and future. Learn more about our Moving2Canada team on our dedicated webpage. 

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