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Are you considering moving to Calgary, Alberta? These resources will help you understand what it's like living in Calgary.

Our top Calgary resources

Calgary is a popular destination for its job opportunities, affordability, and lower taxes.

Discover life in Calgary by checking out these 10 things to do.

Find out what it’s really like to live in Calgary.

Learn about Calgary’s different neighbourhoods and discover the best option for you.

Explore the cost of living in Alberta’s biggest city.

Discover Calgary’s different options for transportation here.

More Calgary resources

The Rocky Mountains are one of the biggest perks of life in Calgary.

All you need to know about the annual cowboy extravaganza. Cowtown, baby!

Explore different options for sports and recreation in the city.

Calgary has a big population of Irish folks. Find out how to connect with them here.

Many British folks have ended up in Calgary. Find out more about the British community in Calgary.


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