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IEC Canada work permits provide young people from around the world with the opportunity to travel and work in Canada. They include the popular Working Holiday work permits, sometimes referred to as a Working Holiday Visa in Canada.

The 2023 IEC season opened on January 9. Check if you’re eligible for IEC by taking our free Canadian Immigration Quiz.

There are over 30 countries participating in the International Experience Canada program. Find out what you need to be prepared for the next IEC season:

To begin with, here are some other useful resources:

If you are on an IEC work permit and want to remain in Canada, learn how and when you may be able to benefit from implied status. Learn more

IEC Canada: The Basics

When does each IEC season begin and end?

When can I apply for an IEC Canada work permit?

When is the best time to apply for an IEC Canada work permit?

How many work permits are released in each draw? How frequently do they take place?

If I am in more than one pool, under which category may I expect to be invited?

How much time will I have to apply?

What can I do to ensure my place?

Is there any way I can boost my chances of receiving an ITA?

How long will it take to process my IEC Canada work permit application?

How long can I get my IEC Canada work permit for? Can I go for one year or two years?

Do I need to have work lined up before I go?

Are there any programs for people who are older than 35 years?

Can I apply even if I'm not from one of the listed participating IEC countries?

Can my child(ren) come with me to Canada when I have an IEC work permit

Applying for an IEC Canada work permit


What steps are involved in the application process?

How much does it cost? And at what point do I make a payment?

Is there a way to apply for to IEC Canada as a couple or a group, rather than waiting to see if you both get your ITA separately?

I'm a dual citizen. Can I apply for IEC Canada work permits for both citizenships?

Documents and planning

Do I really need health insurance? I heard they never even check.

How long do I need health insurance for? Can I buy a few months first, and extend it later?

Do I need health insurance for a second participation on IEC?

What if my police cert doesn’t arrive in time to submit my application?

I need to upload multiple police certs. How can I do this?

Do I need a medical exam?

My bank won't provide me with a recent statement. How can I provide proof of funds?

I've heard that submitting biometrics is required for IEC applicants. What's this about?

What’s a UCI number?

What advice do you have for filling out the IMM1295 form?

What address should I use for my ‘mailing address’ and ‘residential address’ on my IEC application form?

If I receive a POE letter and don't use it, can I apply again?

What kinds of jobs can I have with an IEC work permit?

Arriving in Canada

I have my POE letter and flight booked. What do I need on entering Canada?

Who do I show my POE letter to?

How long do I have to enter Canada once my application is processed?

Can the expiry date on my POE letter of introduction be extended?

What’s an eTA, and do I need one?

Can I leave Canada and re-enter during my IEC work permit?

Can I study in Canada while on an IEC work permit?


Problems with your IEC Canada work permit

IRCC sent me a document and it's blank! How do I fix this?

What if my passport expires during my IEC Canada work permit?

I'm not yet in Canada, but my passport is due to expire soon. What should I do?

The expiry date on my work permit was brought forward because my passport expires soon. How do I fix this?

I have an urgent query and need to talk to someone in the IRCC. How do I contact them?

Extending your IEC Canada work permit

Can I extend my IEC work permit?

When my work permit expires, can I apply for another one? Perhaps, in a different category?

My IEC Canada work permit expires soon. My employer has applied for a LMIA on my behalf but this could take months. Can I continue working beyond the expiry date?

How do I apply for a second IEC Canada work permit when I’m already in Canada?

My question wasn’t answered.

Here’s where you can get further help:

1. Ask members of our Moving2Canada IEC Facebook Group.

2. Visit our International Experience Canada section to read our full range of articles.

3. If you need to contact IRCC urgently, you can do so at [email protected], or submit a case-specific inquiry at this page.

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