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Each of us at Moving2Canada has successfully settled into life in Canada. We know what it takes, who to ask for help, and how to make it all work.

Our goal is to help you achieve success in Canada, however you define it.

Ruairi Spillane, Managing Director 🇮🇪 🇨🇦

Man in blue shirt smilingAfter observing a need for independent objective advice around planning a move to Canada, Ruairi launched Moving2Canada in 2011. Having moved from Ireland in 2008, he was determined to build a community where newcomers could share information and support. Ruairi is a proud dual citizen of both Ireland and Canada.

In his free time, Ruairi can be found snowboarding, hiking, camping, visiting Ireland or checking out other corners of the globe for adventure.

Ruairi is the proud winner of the Best Immigrant Entrepreneur award at the 2019 Small Business BC Awards, with further recognition among the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants in 2022.

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Hugo O’Doherty, Director of Partnerships 🇮🇪 🇨🇦

Hugo brings nearly a decade of industry experience to the Moving2Canada team.

Originally from Ireland, Hugo first moved to Montreal in 2011, eventually becoming a citizen of Canada in 2022. After a great period helping Moving2Canada find its feet after launch, Hugo went on to work for one of Canada’s largest immigration law firms for more than three years. He came home to Moving2Canada in early 2018.

Hugo has observed Canada’s ever-changing immigration system from both sides, as applicant and professionally. As a result, he understands the needs and goals of newcomers and representatives alike.

Hugo has also worked in the United States and Ghana. In his free time, he can be heard conjugating French verbs all wrong or explaining the offside rule to confused Canadians.

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Shelby Thevenot, Editor (content) 🇨🇦

Shelby ThevenotShelby is a content editor at Moving2Canada. Originally a self-taught freelance writer, she got a journalism diploma in 2017 and moved on to be a video journalist and city hall reporter in Kamloops, B.C.

Shelby started writing about immigration in 2019 and did not stop for any plague. Her work was cited in a number of research studies, discussed in a Halifax university classroom, and brought before Canada’s Standing Committee on Immigration and Citizenship in their study on how COVID-19 affected the immigration system. She joined Moving2Canada in 2022.

As she writes her bio in the third person, she wonders how she can make herself sound interesting but relatable. One time she saw a whale shark. She hopes to see a blue whale one day, too.

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Maria Hasson, Recruitment Consultant

Maria joined the Moving2Canada team in November, 2018 to work on the recruitment side of the business, Outpost Recruitment.

As a Quantity Surveyor with years of experience estimating and managing contracts from a consultant, EPCM and general contractor perspective, Maria brings a wealth of industry knowledge to Outpost.

Originally from Co. Armagh, Ireland, Maria moved to Canada in 2009 initially living in Calgary and shortly after settling in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Maria is a proud dual citizen of both Ireland and Canada.

In her free time Maria can be found having picnics with her family, skiing, camping or sampling local coffee shops. Maria loves adventure and travels when possible.

Martin Guardado, Web Developer

Martin is one of Moving2Canada’s web developers and joined the team in 2022. He’s an experienced full-stack developer with nearly a decade in the web development field.

Originally from Vancouver, BC, Martin moved to Alberta over 10 years ago and now calls Edmonton home.

In his spare time Martin enjoys eating sweets and going for (short) walks in Edmonton’s River Valley.

Shanna Smith, Web Developer 🇨🇦 🇯🇲

Shanna-SmithStarting in the spring of 2022, Shanna kickstarted her career in web development by joining the Moving2Canada team. Coming from a background in psychology, she is particularly interested in UX/UI design.

Born and raised in Mississauga, Canada, by parents who immigrated from Jamaica, she lives with her two mischievous cats, Ruu and Riko.

Her past times include indulging in all things Japanese media such as anime, manga and collecting Nendoroids.

Sara Nielsen, Social Media and Community Manager 🇺🇸 🇨🇦

Sara NielsenSara joined the Moving2Canada team at the end of 2022 to work as the team’s Social Media Manager. After playing D1 volleyball in the United States and earning a Masters Degree in Digital Content Strategy, Sara spent a couple years working as a freelance social media marketer before joining the Moving2Canada team.

Sara is originally from the Chicago area, but moved to Victoria, B.C. at the end of 2021 in pursuit of ocean access and warmer weather. In her free time you can find her paddleboarding, hanging out with her dog Koda, or trying new restaurants in downtown Victoria.

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Nauzad Dubash, Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist 🇮🇳 🇺🇸 🇨🇦

Meet Nauzad, the Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist at Moving2Canada. He’s like a digital superhero, using his powers to increase conversion rates. With a background in digital marketing and a passion for optimizing user experiences, Nauzad is committed to making sure websites are user-friendly, visually appealing, and always lead to the desired action (sign up for a free Moving2Canada account to make Nauzad’s day).

Prior to joining Moving2Canada, Nauzad co-founded a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, Search Engine Marketing, and social media marketing. He is also intrigued by the technical side of marketing and has built custom marketing stacks for a number of companies. He has 9+ years of experience in this field and has studied MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship from Pepperdine University, California.

When Nauzad isn’t busy growing businesses, you can find him catching soccer games from different leagues across the world or finding his next favourite local brewery!

Rebecca Major, Operations Manager 🇨🇦 🇬🇧 Rebecca Major is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants

Lady smilingRebecca, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (R511564), joined Moving2Canada in 2023 as their Operations Manager, adding more than 13 years of Canadian immigration experience to the Moving2Canada team.

Before starting her career in Canada in 2010, Rebecca completed her Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Leicester, as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the University of Law, both in the UK and has worked in several countries including the UK, Norway and the United States.

In her free time, Rebecca is a keen runner and spends her weekends relaxing by one of Canada’s many lakes.

Babajide, Product Manager 🇳🇬 🇨🇦


Babajide joined the team in summer of 2023, bringing over 12 years of experience in product management, software development, business, and marketing to the team. He’s lived and worked all across Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Before joining Moving2Canada, he even co-founded a B2B SaaS startup operating in Italy and the US. Back in 2021, he made his way to Canada to work on his master’s degree in Business Entrepreneurship and Technology at the University of Waterloo.

When he’s not tied up, you’ll find him immersed in video games or tuning into product podcasts. Babajide’s all about sprucing up the user experience on Moving2Canada and dishing out helpful resources for those looking to make Canada their new home.

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Rachel Dancel, Video Content Creator 🇵🇭 🇨🇦

Rachel Dancel video content at Moving2Canada

A visual storyteller and advocate for newcomers, Rachel Dancel, adds unique perspective to the Moving2Canada team. Originally from the Philippines, her immigration journey began as an international student in 2017, leading to permanent residency through Express Entry in 2021.

Passionate about sharing her immigration experiences, she created a YouTube channel during a pivotal time in her journey. Her self-taught approach to video creation attracted over 100,000 subscribers, earning her the YouTube Silver button and recognition for her contributions to the immigration space.

At Moving2Canada, Rachel is excited to craft engaging and meaningful content as an immigrant helping others navigate similar paths.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Rachel is a hobbyist photographer, often seen with a camera in one hand and a warm matcha latte in the other. Her motto, “If you never try, you’ll never know,” motivates her to seek new experiences and embrace challenges constantly.

Amiel Simbahon , Web Developer 🇵🇭 🇸🇬 🇨🇦Amiel Simbahon, meet the team, moving2canada

Joining the skilled web development team at Moving2Canada in 2023, Amiel brings a rich experience and cultural background to the squad. Originally from the heart of the Philippines, Cebu, he is a Computer Science Associate bringing over a decade of expertise in Web Development.

Amiel’s professional journey includes a significant episode in Singapore, where he sharpened his skills while being away from his family for about 7 years. This chapter of his life was pivotal, laying the groundwork for his eventual move to Canada. Today, he proudly calls Ontario his home, reunited with his family.

When he’s not working, Amiel finds rest in video gaming, exploring nature through hiking, and cherishing playful moments with his children.

Christian Nwachukwu Web Developer 🇳🇬 🇨🇦Chrisitan Nwachukwu, meet the tam moving2canada

Christian joined the talented developers’ team of M2C in September 2023.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Christian began his journey in Canada as a student in 2016. After obtaining his Master’s in Applied Computing and Canadian citizenship, he now brings 8 years of skillful experience in blending academic rigor with hands-on technical skills to the team.

Christian views his trajectory as a shining example of the opportunities Canada offers to global professionals, and he is eager to help newcomers in Canada realize their potential, just as he has.

When he’s not coding, Christian is an avid gamer and cherishes his downtime with his family. He will also happily share his passion and extensive knowledge of African football with anyone who asks.


Andre Diniz, UX/UI Designer 🇧🇷 🇨🇦Andre Diniz, meet the team, moving 2 canada

Andre (he/him/his) joined the Moving2Canada team as a UX/UI Designer in October 2023, bringing a splash of Brazilian flair and a keen eye for design. Homegrown in Brazil, he’s a creative soul with a foundation in Graphic Design and Digital Design, both studied in his home country.

Andre kick-started his career in the world of advertising agencies, perfecting his skills in graphic design. His journey evolved as he transitioned into an Art Director role, blending creativity with leadership. Eventually, he dove into the digital realm, where UX/UI design captivated him with its mix of creativity and analytical thinking. In 2019, Andre took a leap of faith, moving to Canada solo in pursuit of a safer, more inclusive society. Now based in Vancouver, BC, he’s not just designing digital experiences, he’s living his own Canadian dream.

When he’s not shaping user experiences, Andre nourishes his creativity by immersing himself and various handcrafts, from pottery to soap and candle making. An avid swimmer, he also loves exploring the natural beauty of his new home of British Columbia.


Jonas Raux, Content Marketer 🇫🇷 🇨🇦Jonas Raux, meet the team, moving2canada

Originally from France, Jonas discovered his second home in Montreal back in 2017, following a memorable trip to Canada in 2015. After studying business between France, Canada and the Netherlands, he shaped his skills in SEO, content and brand marketing across different agencies and brands. 

Since November 2023, he’s brought 7 years of digital marketing experience to the M2C team to boost search rankings and help grow the Moving2Canada brand with compelling stories.

Away from his keyboard, you’ll find Jonas playing outside. Summer days see him exploring the scenic beauty of Canada in his van, and when the snow comes, you’ll find him skiing the slopes of Quebec and Vermont, USA.

However, his real (guilty?) pleasure lies in the wide world of the beautiful game. As an avid football (soccer) geek, be cautious about bringing up the topic too close to Jonas as he might passionately draw you into an in-depth conversation about it.


Ankit Balooja, Partnerships Manager 🇮🇳🇸🇬🇫🇷🇨🇦Ankit Balooja, meet the team, moving2canada

Coming straight from India, Ankit joined the Moving2Canada team in November 2023, just a few months after setting foot in Canada.  

Now based in Toronto, Ankit is pursuing a versatile career spent across the globe that he originally started in computer engineering. Seeking a more dynamic, people-centric role that still leveraged his technical skills, Ankit quickly transitioned into digital marketing. A decade later, after working with leading marketing agencies, influential brands, and even launching his own e-commerce startup, Ankit has decided to come and support the growth of Moving2Canada with his extensive expertise in commerce.

When not forging strong partnerships between brands and driving business expansion, Ankit is a passionate backpacker, having explored 28 countries and counting. He balances his work life with gym sessions, golfing, exploring new bars and restaurants, grooving to music, and hitting up music festivals.


Stephanie Ford, Content Marketer 🇦🇺 🇨🇦

Armed with a Bachelor of Laws and a wealth of personal experience gleaned from immigrating during the pandemic, Stephanie works to translate the jargon and challenges of the Canadian immigration into helpful resources. She has a track record of crafting compelling content that gets results, from long form guides to the nitty-gritty of A/B testing calls to action.

Stephanie absolutely adores her life in beautiful BC, and is passionate about sharing information with newcomers to help their transition to Canada as smooth as possible. In her spare time, you’ll find Stephanie outdoors – mountain biking or running (a long way) with her friends, family, and doggo.

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