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Over a single week, you’ll receive seven email lessons, each focusing on a significant area of the Canadian banking system.

Why? Well, research suggests that newcomers most commonly experience feeling worried, overwhelmed, and confused by their finances and navigating through the Canadian banking system.

High rental costs, getting the right documentation and identification, signing up for a mobile phone and credit card, and finding employment were identified as the common challenges shortly after arriving in Canada. The research revealed that lack of knowledge of the financial system and cultural norms exposed newcomers to financial fraud, targeting them for internet and phone scams.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could feel empowered to fill any gaps in your financial knowledge?

This roadmap offers a foundational course for recent and prospective newcomers to learn about Canadian banking and finances. You’ll learn all about finances in Canada, how to get your first bank account, and why establishing your credit history is so important. Throughout these emails you’ll see references and links to Government of Canada web pages, as well as insights from our trusted partner, Scotiabank, our recommended banking partner for newcomers.

Sign up for the Financial Future in Canada Roadmap when you create your Moving2Canada account and complete your profile.

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