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Canada’s Express Entry system is a key pathway for skilled workers looking to gain permanent residency in Canada. For many, waiting for the next Express Entry draw to happen is agonizing, since it could represent a new start or a longer timeline for immigration, depending on whether they receive an invitation in the round.

This page shares our predictions about when the next express entry draw will happen and shares insights about what factors influence draw dates. If you want to learn more about the latest Express Entry draw, check out our extremely popular Express Entry Draw Results webpage.

Express Entry Draw Prediction

Date: 14 June 2024

Type of Draw: General

CRS Prediction: 550+

Predicted Express Entry Draw Schedule For 2024

This is what we predict the Express Entry Draw Schedule may look like for 2024. Note that this is our prediction based on historical data and intuition. Actual draw results may vary in 2024. Given the lack of Express Entry Draws in the month of May, we may see more draws over the next coming months to make up for this. 

Predicted Next DrawPredicted Draw Type
11 June 2024General
12 June 2024Category BasedTrades
25 June 2024General
26 June 2024Category BasedFrench
9 July 2024General
10 July 2024Category BasedHealthcare
23 July 2024General
24 July 2024Category BasedFrench
6 August 2024General
7 August 2024Category BasedSTEM
20 August 2024General
21 August 2024Category BasedTransport
3 September 2024General
4 September 2024Category BasedFrench
17 September 2024General
18 September 2024Category BasedAgriculture
1 October 2024General
2 October 2024Category BasedFrench
15 October 2024General
16 October 2024Category BasedSTEM
29 October 2024General
30 October 2024Category BasedFrench
12 November 2024General
13 November 2024Category BasedTrades
26 November 2024General
27 November 2024Category BasedFrench
10 December 2024General
11 December 2024Category BasedHealthcare
24 December 2024General
25 December 2024Category BasedTBD
7 January 2025--
8 January 2025--

How To Predict The Next Express Entry Draw 

It’s not possible to know exactly when the next Express Entry draw will happen. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has complete discretion regarding Express Entry draws. They could, in theory, complete just one draw every year or complete tiny draws every day. 

However, IRCC tends to try to complete draws on a regular schedule. It does this to increase confidence in the Express Entry system, and to allow them to manage application volumes internally. So, generally speaking, there is a strain on internal resources any time that the draw schedule moves away from the bi-weekly schedule. As a result, it’s likely that IRCC will conduct a draw every two weeks. 

Then, you can also look to historical data and learn what we know about where ITAs are going in 2024 to predict whether draws will be general or category-based – and which category they might be. 

So, while we do our best to consider historical data to predict the Express Entry draws via this page, we are all at the mercy of IRCC’s discretion. 

What Factors Influence When The Next Express Entry Draw Will Happen?

The schedule of Express Entry draws is influenced by a range of factors. Understanding these can help you guess when the next draw might happen.

Government Policies and Immigration Targets

The Canadian government’s immigration policies and annual targets play a significant role in determining the frequency, size, and type of Express Entry draws. 

Economic Needs and Labor Market Demands 

Canada’s economic needs and labor market demands are also critical factors. The government may adjust the draw schedule based on the current economic climate and the demand for specific skills in the labor market. 

Historical Trends and Administrative Considerations

Looking at historical trends can provide insights into the timing of draws. Typically, draws are held approximately every two weeks. However, this can vary due to administrative considerations, such as processing backlogs or policy changes. Monitoring the patterns over the past months or years can help predict future draws, though these are always subject to change.

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