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Planning your move to Canada, or recently arrived? Find out everything you need to help you get settled and find success in your new home!

Our top resources on life in Canada

The best bank for newcomers

Find out which bank best fits your needs!

Transfer your money to Canada cheaply

These are the best deals on international money transfers.

Finding accommodation

Finding a comfortable place to live is one of the most important priorities for new arrivals.

Your first week in Canada

Make your Canadian adventure a success by following these steps during your first week.

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Get a phone plan

Canadian phone providers are a little confusing. Let us explain how it works.

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Exploring destinations

Explore Canada’s many popular destinations in our destination guides.

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Setting up your finances

How to manage your finances

Our best recommendations on managing your finances as a new arrival.

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Choosing a bank

These are the different options for banking in Canada.

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Filing taxes in Canada

Depending on how long you live in Canada, you may need to file taxes. Here’s how it works.

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Credit scores in Canada

Building a good credit score is essential to your long-term financial success.

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Start investing

Interested in investing in Canada? There are tons of unique accounts that can pay off for your investments.

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Can you afford a mortgage?

There are a range of mortgage calculators that can help you work out your mortgage payments, if you should rent or buy, and more.

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Set yourself up for success

Getting a SIN number

A Social Insurance Number (SIN) is required for many things in Canada.

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Healthcare in Canada

Canada’s is well-known for its quality healthcare system, but are you eligible?

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Buying your first home in Canada

Thinking about purchasing a home? Here’s what you need to know.

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Internet service providers

Your choice of internet provider varies depending on where you are in Canada. Here are your choices.

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Utilities providers

A look at who will be providing your electricity, TV, and other services.

Gathering local knowledge

A guide to finding your feet, sampling different options, and making good decisions.

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Phone plans and providers

Canadian Phones 101

Start with this overview before you buy a phone in Canada.

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Phone providers in Canada

Here’s a breakdown of Canada’s different options for phone providers.

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Prepaid vs. Contract: Phone Plans

Here are the pros and cons for prepaid and monthly contract phone plans.

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Driving in Canada

How to get a license

Find out how to legally get on the road in each of Canada’s provinces.

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Buying a car in Canada

Follow these tips to ensure you make the best decision when buying a car.

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Driving in winter

Driving in the winter can be a little scary to start. Follow these steps to ease onto the road.

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