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In order to apply for a Canadian study permit, you’ll need a Letter of Acceptance to study in Canada from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada.

DLIs are institutions that are permitted by provincial or territorial governments to host international students, and while that seems very official and bureaucratic, don’t worry – it covers a significant number of the main post-secondary institutions in Canada, so your intended institution may well be on the list. Here’s a list of DLIs by province so you can make sure your dream college or university can take you on.

The Letter of Acceptance to study in Canada is an official confirmation that you have a place to study in Canada. It lists your student information, program and institution details, expected timeline of study, tuition fees and scholarship or financial aid information, any conditions related to your acceptance or registration (such as language competence), and other details.
While you’re waiting for your acceptance to your intended university or college in Canada, it’s a good idea to start gathering the other documents you’ll need to submit your Canada study permit application. By doing so, you’ll be well prepared to submit as soon as you receive your Letter of Acceptance to study in Canada.

Learn more about the application process with our comprehensive guide to the Canada study permit.

Study in Quebec

Note that if you intend to study in Quebec, you will also need a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) in addition to your Letter of Acceptance in order to apply for a study permit. In order to apply for a CAQ, you’ll need your Letter of Acceptance in addition to other documents depending on your country of residence.

Next steps

With a Letter of Acceptance to study in Canada, you’re one step further in your goal of studying in Canada. Once you get this document, you should apply for your study permit as soon as possible. Many successful applicants for a study permit receive their confirmation within the estimated time frame – or even earlier – but delays are known to occur. By applying as soon as you receive your Letter of Acceptance, you could save yourself stress later down the line. It is also important to note that the Letter of Acceptance will have an expiry date for your offer, so keep an eye on this as well.

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