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Are you considering moving to Toronto, Ontario? These resources will help you understand what it's like living in Toronto.

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Moving to Toronto FAQ

Check out the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about moving to Toronto.

Where is Toronto located?

Toronto is located in the province of Ontario. It is situated on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario. Torontonians follow Eastern Time which is GMT-4, and shares a time zone with major cities such as Montreal, Canada; New York, USA; and Lima, Peru.

Toronto is located just above the 43rd parallel and get more than 15 hours of daylight in the summer, but only 9 hours in the winter.

What is Toronto famous for?

You cannot picture Toronto without the CN Tower breaking up the city skyline. It is a 553.3 meter-high concrete communications and observation tower. In fact, it is the centre of telecommunications for Toronto and serves more than 17 Canadian television and FM radio stations. Every year, the CN tower gets more than two million visitors.

You also may have heard of some of the major league sports teams such as the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays, and the Toronto Maple Leaves.

Some celebrities from Toronto include famous musicians like Drake, Honey Cocaine, The Weekend, Lights, and Neil Young. You also may have heard of actors Jim Carrey, Will Arnett, Mike Myers, and Kiefer Sutherland. World-renowned novelist Margaret Atwood also lives in Toronto.

Is Toronto expensive?

Yes. We’re not gonna sugar coat this. The cost of living can be prohibitive in Toronto. In fact, in 2022 and 2023 Toronto was named the most expensive city in Canada according to Mercer’s Cost of Living City Ranking report.

A 2023 news article from City News pointed out that Torontonians need to make more than double minimum wage to afford an apartment.

When negotiating a salary in Toronto, be sure to take the high cost of living into consideration. To see the living wage in your region—that is, the wage you need to participate in everyday life—check out this online Ontario resource.

What is the quality of life in Toronto?

Torontonians enjoy a high quality of life. The EUI’s Global Liveability Index repeatedly names Toronto as one of the top cities. In 2023, Toronto scored top marks in Stability, Healthcare, and Education.

To learn more about living in Toronto, be sure to check out these Moving2Canada webpages:

What are the disadvantages of living in Toronto?

Other than the high cost of living, there are some 6 million people living in the Greater Toronto Area. This high population count means that you will face large crowds and lots of competition for jobs and places to live.

A large population also means lots of traffic. As a result, the air quality may be affected. You can monitor Toronto’s air quality on the Accuweather website.

Is it safe in Toronto?

Overall, Toronto is a relatively safe city for its size. According to the Travelsafe-Abroad website, the risk of being pick-pocketed or scammed is medium in Toronto. All other risks are considered low.

Severe weather events may include snowstorms in the winter and thunderstorms or tornados in the summer. Be sure to check the weather forecast before travelling to Toronto from abroad, but note that the natural disaster risk is low.

Why is Toronto called the 6?

You may have heard people call Toronto “The Six”. This nickname comes from the six municipalities that made up Metro Toronto before they all joined together in 1998.  Also, the main area code in the city is 416.

Which museums are free in Toronto?

Sure, Toronto’s an expensive city, but there are still things to do for free.

For instance, you can peruse some of the following museums without paying:

  • Fort York National Historic Site
  • Riverdale Farm Toronto
  • The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery
  • Toronto’s First Post Office
  • Spadina Museum
  • Gibson House Museum
  • High Park Zoo

For more free Toronto activities, check out our article on 9 things to do in Toronto for free.