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The Nova Scotia International Graduates In Demand stream is for individuals who have studied in Nova Scotia and have a job offer from a Nova Scotian employer in an in-demand occupation. This is your complete guide to the Nova Scotia International Graduates In Demand stream.

Successful applicants to this Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) will receive a provincial nomination from Nova Scotia, allowing the applicant to apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent resident status. The spouse/common-law partner of the applicant, as well as any dependent children, may also be included on the application.

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Eligibility requirements

In order to be eligible for the NSNP’s International Graduates In Demand stream, candidates must meet the following requirements:

Job offer in an in-demand occupation

The International Graduates In Demand stream currently includes two in-demand occupations (these could change in the future):

    • NOC 33102: nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates
    • NOC 42202: early childhood educators and assistants
    • NOC 32124: pharmacy technicians
    • NOC 32102: paramedical occupations

To be eligible for the program, the candidates must have a full-time permanent job offer from a Nova Scotia employer in one of these in-demand occupations and this job offer must correspond with the candidate’s recent field of study. The candidate also must have certifications for the job issued by a Nova Scotia regulatory body.

Nova Scotia education related to in-demand occupation

To be eligible, candidates must have met the requirements to complete a course of study corresponding to their in-demand occupation. This requirement must have been completed within three years of applying, the program must be at least 30 weeks in length, and at least 50 percent of the program must have been completed within Nova Scotia. The required length of the program depends on the in-demand occupation:

  • NOC 33102: the educational program must grant a certificate, diploma, or degree
  • NOC 42202: the educational program must grant a diploma or degree
  • NOC 32102 or 32124: the educational program must grant a diploma.

Language proficiency

Candidates must take an approved language test demonstrating proficiency in either English or French consistent with (or above) the Canadian Language Benchmark of Level 5 (CLB 5). This test must be less than two years old at the time the application is submitted.

Application procedure

To apply to the Nova Scotia International Graduates In Demand stream, candidates must follow these three steps:

Step One: Apply online to Nova Scotia

All candidates who are eligible can submit applications directly to Nova Scotia. This is done using the Nova Scotia Nominee Program’s online application portal. Available here.

Step Two: Receive a provincial nomination

The processing time varies for NSNP applications. If an application is approved, the applicant receives a formal provincial nomination from the province of Nova Scotia.

Step Three: Submit a federal application for permanent resident status

With a provincial nomination, candidates are eligible to submit an application to the federal government for permanent resident status. This application will include extensive personal information and supporting documentation — similar to the application for provincial nomination.

Notably, the NSNP International Graduates In Demand stream is not aligned with Canada’s Express Entry system — this means that the applications are processed at a slower pace. Applicants should be prepared to wait more than one year for applications to be processed.

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