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The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) offers several immigration streams targeting a diverse range of potential newcomers to Canada. From international graduates and temporary foreign workers in Nova Scotia, to skilled workers and entrepreneurs outside Canada, many people find their route to Canadian permanent resident status through a Nova Scotia immigration stream.

Through a range of Nova Scotia Nominee Program streams, some of which are aligned with the federal Express Entry system, Nova Scotia targets applicants who have the experience and human capital factors the province needs to build its economy and communities.

Nova Scotia immigration and Express Entry

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program maintains an active interaction with the federal Express Entry pool, and candidates may have a range of options if they are interested in moving to Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia’s Labour Market Priorities Stream is a dynamic and flexible stream that allows the province to select eligible candidates from the Express Entry pool based on the latest labour market needs, and invite them to apply for provincial nomination. Each invitation round selects candidates in the Express Entry pool with work experience in a particular occupation or occupations. Candidates selected through this stream may count on fruitful career opportunities in the province, as their occupation has been targeted because there is a shortage of that experience and skill set locally.

The Express Entry-aligned Nova Scotia Experience stream allows eligible candidates in the federal Express Entry pool to choose Nova Scotia as their new home in Canada. Individuals in the Express Entry pool who have experience working in Nova Scotia may find success through this stream.

Express Entry candidates who receive a provincial nomination through an Express Entry-aligned stream receive 600 additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points and an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residence at a subsequent draw from the pool.

Other Nova Scotia immigration options

Operating outside the federal Express Entry system, the NSNP Skilled Worker stream provides a route to permanent resident status for international graduates and foreign workers with a job offer from a Nova Scotia employer. Elsewhere, the Physician and Labour Market Priorities for Physicians streams welcomes individuals in specific medical professions to apply for permanent resident status via both a non-Express Entry and an Express Entry stream that work with local health authorities to fill vacant positions.

Entrepreneurs are highly valued by the province, and the NSNP offers routes to permanent residence for both international graduates in Nova Scotia and experienced businesspeople worldwide through the establishment or purchase of a business in Nova Scotia.

Finally, hopeful newcomers with experience working in a select handful of in-demand occupations may be eligible to apply through the Occupations In Demand stream, or a similar stream for recent graduates, the International Graduates In Demand stream.

Why Nova Scotia?

Nestled on Canada’s eastern coast, Nova Scotia offers vibrant city and small-town life alongside breathtaking scenery. With a growing economy and one of the lowest costs of living in Canada, many newcomers to Canada may find this small coastal province offers an enticing lifestyle away from the intensity and of major cities further west.

While Nova Scotia immigration levels are still relatively low compared to other destinations across the country, its potential should not be discounted. As the province actively looks to immigration as a way to boost its economy and fill labour shortages, you could find an exciting new career opportunity in Nova Scotia.

You can find out which Nova Scotia immigration streams are open right now in our Canada PNP Live Tracker.

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