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Health care professionals are in huge demand across the province of British Columbia. Accordingly, the BC government has established a portion of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) that is dedicated to helping these professionals immigrate to the province.

The BC Health Authority category is open to any person who has a full-time job offer in any occupation from a public health authority in BC. Additionally, workers with job offers in BC in the following occupations are eligible to apply even if the job offer is not from a public health authority: physicians, nurse practitioners, and midwives.

Skills Immigration Healthcare Authority Category criteria

To qualify for this category, candidates must:

1. have the support of, or a full-time, indeterminate job offer (a permanent job, or one with no set end date) from a public health authority in BC in any occupation, at any skill level. British Columbia has the following health authorities:

  • Provincial Health Services Authority
  • First Nations Health Authority
  • Fraser Health
  • Interior Health
  • Island Health
  • Northern Health
  • Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Providence Health Care

Alternatively, those with BC job offers in the occupations listed below may apply even if the job offer is not from a public health authority:

  • physician,
  • nurse practitioner,
  • midwife (must have a letter of confirmation from an established practice group in BC confirming acceptance into the group as an affiliated midwife for a period of at least six months. Must also be registered, or eligible to be registered, with the College of Midwives of British Columbia);

2. for National Occupational Classification (NOC) TEER 2, 3, 4, and 5 occupations, meet minimum language requirements. Must have English or French proficiency at or above Canadian Language Benchmark of Level 4;

3. qualify to work in your occupation in BC;

4. have a wage offer in line with BC wage rates for the occupation;

5. show they can support themselves and their dependents; and

6. have, or be eligible for, legal immigration status in Canada.

The BC Health Authority Category does not require an Express Entry profile in order to apply. However, Express Entry candidates may benefit from faster processing by applying through the BC Express Entry Health Authority Category. Learn more here.

Employer requirements

The employer must:

  • be established as an employer in good standing in BC;
  • provide full-time, indeterminate (permanent or with no set end date) employment;
  • have a history of good workplace and business practices;
  • sign an employer declaration;
  • meet domestic labour market recruitment requirements, where applicable; and
  • offer a wage in line with industry standards.

Application process

Applicants to the BC Health Authority Category do not need to be invited to apply before submitting an application. Health Authority applicants can submit an BC application directly online.

Want to immigrate to BC, but faster?

See our BC PNP Express Entry Health Authority page to find out if you are eligible under this category. The criteria is much the same, but the application for permanent residence (after you receive a provincial nomination) is given priority processing.

Get help

Do you need assistance in preparing an application for Canadian permanent residence? If so, view our Book an Immigration Consultant page to see Moving2Canada’s list of recommended, accredited representatives who can assist you in your goals.

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