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How to Improve Your CRS Score for Express Entry

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FactorSub-factorAdditional informationProof requiredPotential points increase
Sibling in CanadaN/ASibling must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in CanadaPassport/PR card; proof of residence in Canada; proof of relation between siblings15 points
EducationObtain an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)Applicable to CEC and FSTC candidates onlyECA document250 points (Up to 150 for education alone; Up to 100 within skills transferability)
Previous study in Canada (1 or 2-year study program)Must have completed the study programDegree / diploma / certificate15 points
Previous study in Canada, either 3 years or longer in duration / Master's degree / entry-to-practice professional degree / Doctorate.Must have completed the study programDegree / diploma / certificate30 points
LanguageProve a higher first language abilityRe-take a language test and improve your resultsIELTS / CELPIP / TEF / TCF162 points (Up to 112 points for improved results; Up to 50 within skills transferability)
Prove ability in a second official languageFrench speakers obtain additional bonus, as well as points for second languageIELTS / CELPIP / TEF / TCF54 points (Up to 24 for second language ability; 15/30-point bonus for French speakers)
WorkComplete extra skilled work experience outside CanadaAccumulate points under skills transferability in combination with language ability and/or Canadian work experienceSelf-declared (must be proven later by a reference letter)100 points
Complete skilled work experience in CanadaFor every year (up to 5 years), you accumulate points; even 1 year can bring lots of pointsEmployment records; tax documents180 points (80 for Canadian work alone; up to 100 within skills transferability)
Job offerSkilled occupation (NOC 0, A or B)A job offer in a professional, managerial, or technical positionLMIA / job offer letter from current employer in Canada while on a closed work permit (other conditions apply)50 points
Senior Managerial Position (NOC Major Group 00)These positions are generally for highly skilled, experienced candidates in select occupationsLMIA / job offer letter from current employer in Canada while on a closed work permit (other conditions apply)200 points
Provincial nominationN/AProvinces & territories can nominate candidates in the pool through the PNPs - the single most valuable factor under the CRS!Provincial Nomination Certificate600 points
Spouse / Partner factorsEducationThis can be outside or inside CanadaECA / proof of study in Canada10 points
LanguageN/AIELTS / CELPIP / TEF / TCF20 points
Canadian work experienceEven 1 year gives you 5 extra pointsEmployment records; tax documents10 points
Make the spouse / partner the principal applicantDouble-check who would have the higher CRS scoreSubmit a new Express Entry profileVariable

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