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Few invitations issued in the week of September 13, despite return to randomized draws

Over the past week, approximately 1,100 IEC candidates have been invited to apply for their Canadian work permit. Compared to previous IEC seasons, this is not a large number of invitations for a single week.

This relatively small number of invitations may disappoint some IEC candidates who were hopeful that the return to randomized IEC draws would bring high numbers of invitations. It is notable that, according to the IEC website, chances of receiving an invitation through the Working Holiday program remain “Very Low” for all countries (except Hong Kong), despite many spots remaining in the quotas for most countries.

Unfortunately, IEC has not offered an explanation for the low number of invitations, or the continued “Very Low” chances for Working Holiday candidates. However, with many spots remaining in these pools, there are reasons to remain optimistic that invitations may pick up before the season closes.

Find out how many invitations were issued for your country by consulting the table below.

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Invitations issued and remaining spots for 2021

This table includes all participating IEC countries and pools. It is updated periodically to reflect how many invitations have been issued, how many spaces are left, and what the chances are to receive an invitation in the next round. These numbers reflect invitations issued between September 13 and September 17.

PoolQuotaInvitations to dateInvitations since our last updateSpots availableSpots filled last roundEligible candidates in poolCandidate changeChances of invite in next round
Australia – WHUnlimited64256Unlimitedn/a94753Very low
Australia – YPUnlimited32313Unlimitedn/a101Excellent
Australia – ICUnlimited31Unlimitedn/a10Excellent
Austria - WH100439722713Very low
Austria - YP601159120Excellent
Austria - IC20111910-1Excellent
Belgium - WH75014216631937137Very low
Chile - WH67010340002137132Very low
Chile - YP78375000799Very low
Chile - IC21102000Excellent
Costa Rica - WH70910002328Very low
Costa Rica - YP2876000291Very low
Costa Rica - IC2311000Excellent
Croatia - WH2753032502450Very low
Croatia - YP2021015000Excellent
Croatia - IC5005000Excellent
Czech Republic - WH800342214951441534Very low
Czech Republic - YP3455147130241Excellent
Czech Republic - IC5005000Excellent
Denmark – WH350180111979121-3Very low
Estonia - WH110321081152Very low
Estonia - YP10109000Excellent
Estonia - IC5005000Excellent
France - WH7100229921250971488339855Very low
France - YP2200257379750438833Excellent
France - VIE450337915012611Excellent
France - IC4250116424364282913Excellent
Germany – WH44903974041654296439Very low
Germany – YP35029110215384Excellent
Germany – IC16036214011-1Excellent
Greece - WH702554832898Very low
Greece - YP125172123-2332Excellent
Greece - IC5803500Excellent
Hong Kong - WH200294682-1118Excellent
Ireland – WH1015019191058624792486150Very low
Ireland – YP50061221446-114-4Excellent
Ireland – IC5019046000Excellent
Italy - WH1000155268941658426Very low
Japan - WH650046721608324542193Very low
Latvia - WH40174303358Very low
Latvia - YP882610-1Excellent
Latvia - IC2002000Excellent
Lithuania - WH1752910157614638Very low
Lithuania - YP208116010Excellent
Lithuania - IC5005000Excellent
Luxembourg - WH804176181Very low
Luxembourg - YP100010000Excellent
Luxembourg - IC100010000Excellent
Netherlands - WH4301301232571637Very low
Netherlands - YP1701175117122Excellent
New Zealand – WH25001372123861327822Very low
Norway - WH1301121241152Very low
Norway - YP1510011000Excellent
Norway - IC5005000Excellent
Poland - WH6353312614816527Very low
Poland - YP1106687332-2Excellent
Poland - IC5104000Excellent
Portugal - WH17501672416101526710Very low
Portugal - YP200571185110Excellent
Portugal - IC504049011Excellent
San Marino - WH250025000Very low
Slovakia - WH24515812115820719Very low
Slovakia - YP100151246-221Excellent
Slovakia - IC5005000Excellent
Slovenia - WH803178185Very low
Slovenia - YP15221411-1Excellent
Slovenia - IC5005000Excellent
South Korea - WH40001114683112521807487Very low
Spain – WH800195256541864548Very low
Spain – YP150293544085Excellent
Spain – IC5018142000Excellent
Sweden - WH5808965015561Very low
Sweden - YP10037185-121Excellent
Sweden - IC200020000Excellent
Switzerland - YP2001515102230Excellent
Switzerland - IC502113910-1Excellent
Taiwan - WH8402894662332101748Very low
Taiwan - YP150217788470Excellent
Taiwan - IC1018010000Excellent
UK – WH500021831173156983815207Very low

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Entry requirements & special COVID-19 measures for the 2021 IEC season

Canada has lifted the job offer requirement for fully vaccinated IEC candidates and returned to randomized invitation rounds the week of September 13. A candidate’s vaccination status has no impact on their ability to receive an invitation or submit an application. However, vaccination status plays an important role in the entry and activation process for Working Holiday candidates.

If you are unvaccinated/partially vaccinated: You don’t need a job offer to submit your profile to the IEC working holiday pool or to receive an invitation to apply. However, you need a job offer from a Canadian employer in order to enter Canada and activate your work permit. You will also have to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Canada. Get tips with our guide on finding a job for IEC, plus check out this employment opportunity from Young Guns Container Crew.

If you are fully vaccinated: You do not require a job offer in order to enter Canada, but you will need to provide proof of vaccination. You still need to follow Canada’s special requirements for travel during COVID-19, including mandatory pre-arrival COVID-19 testing.

In order to be considered a fully vaccinated traveller, you must have received the full series of a Health Canada approved COVID-19 vaccine or a combination of accepted vaccines. You must have received your last dose at least 14 days prior to travelling. Canada currently accepts four vaccines: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, Johnson & Johnson. If you have been vaccinated using a different vaccine, you are not eligible for this exemption at this time.

Last chance to request an extension on POE letters

Throughout the pandemic, IRCC has allowed IEC candidates who had received their Port of Entry (POE) letter of introduction to request extensions of up to 12 months at a time due to travel delays caused by COVID-19. IRCC is ending this policy as of December 31, 2021. IEC candidates may request one final 12-month extension on their POE letter provided that the extension request is received before December 31, 2021.

In order to be eligible to request a final extension, candidates must:

  • have had their initial POE letter granted between January 1, 2019, and April 30, 2020;
  • have received their POE through the Working Holiday program;
  • have a current POE letter that expires prior to December 31, 2021;
  • have been unable to find employment to overcome Canada’s travel restrictions.

Candidates interested in applying for this extension can get full details here.

2021 has been a slow year for IEC invitations, but that may change in September

The 2021 IEC season has moved at an extremely slow pace compared to previous years. In the past four weeks, 2,895 invitations have been issued. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is the likely culprit behind the slow pace of invitations, as IEC officials imposed a new job offer requirement on the Working Holiday program during the pandemic. But, the job offer requirement is lifting as of September 13.

On September 7, Canada opened its borders to fully vaccinated travellers from all countries. With this new border policy, Canadian immigration officials made the decision to lift the job offer requirement for IEC participants to receive invitations and return to randomized draws as of September 13. It’s unclear exactly how this will impact the remained of the IEC season, but with massive unfilled quotas remaining for many countries, it wouldn’t be surprising if September brought some huge invitation rounds.

Full details about how many invitations were issued for each country and how many spots are left are included in the table below.

Job offer required for unvaccinated IEC participants to enter Canada: IEC participants who are not vaccinated against COVID-19, are eligible to receive invitations through the randomized draws, but in order to enter Canada, unvaccinated participants will have to provide proof of a job offer in Canada (as has been the case throughout the pandemic). For tips and tricks on how to land a job offer for the 2021 IEC Season, check out our guide, or check out this employment offer from our partner, Young Guns Container Crew.

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What to do to prepare yourself for IEC?

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First, make sure you’re eligible for one of the three IEC programs: the Working Holiday program (the most popular option), Young Professionals, and International Co-op.

If you meet the eligibility for one of the programs, the next step is to submit yourself to the pools. Submitting your profile as early as possible will guarantee that you’re considered for all invitation rounds. Invitations are issued randomly, so you want to be in the pools as early as possible.

You can also begin preparing yourself for the work permit application you’ll have to submit if you receive an invitation. It might not make sense to gather all the documents quite yet — but there are certainly some things you can do in advance.

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Full details about invitations, quotas, and spots left for all participating countries are listed below.

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What is the IEC program?

The IEC program allows international youth from more than 30 countries aged 18 to 35 (or in some cases, 18 to 30) to live and work in Canada for up to 24 months.

Further help with your Working Holiday Canada application

Please explore our many resources to help you plan your application. Research is crucial as you plan for success on your Working Holiday Canada permit.

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