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Stephanie Ford

Finance, Law and Immigration Writer

Stephanie’s background in law and finance and real-world experience becoming a permanent resident during the pandemic helps her guide newcomers on their path to life in Canada. She regularly draws on the knowledge she gained attaining her Bachelor of Laws and Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning and her experiences living abroad, including in countries where she was not a native speaker of the local language.

Since becoming a permanent resident in Canada, Stephanie has leaned heavily on her financial planning skills. She became a homeowner in Canada within the first year of becoming a permanent resident, and she now has a rental property too. She self-directs her investments and loves sharing anything she learns about personal finance with others. 

In her spare time, you’ll find Stephanie outdoors – mountain biking or training for an ultramarathon, usually with friends, family, or a dog or two in tow. 

Steph’s immigration journey:

Stephanie came to Canada initially as a visitor in 2019, planning just a three-month stay. After landing in Kelowna, she uprooted her life to move to Canada, starting with a working holiday permit. With strong foreign work experience under her belt, she entered the pool for the Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker program in early 2020, just in time for the pandemic to hit and FSW draws to stop. She then became eligible for the Express Entry Canadian Experience Class in late 2021, around the same time that IRCC started conducting PNP-only draws. So, after completing all the EE paperwork and exams (twice), the pandemic had other plans for her. Stephanie finally successfully applied for permanent residency through the spousal sponsorship route. She has also project-managed several LMIA applications for her family’s local business. 

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