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Coming to Canada as a Permanent Resident?

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Visa for Canada: what are your options?



Study permit

Work permit



Main programs
TRV, eTA, Super Visa, TRPRegular study permit, Student Direct StreamTFWP (LMIA, Global Talent, caregivers, seasonal agriculture)
IMP (IEC, post-grad, Intra-company, NAFTA, CETA, significant benefit)
Economic (Express Entry, PNP, Quebec, Business)
Family Class
Naturalization program
Typical validity period
6m (TRV, eTA)
2 years (Super Visa)
1 day to 3 years (TRP)
Duration of study program + 90 days1-3 yearsPermanent, with residency obligationsPermanent, without restriction
Can you work?
Conditions on work
N/A20 hours per week during academic term, 40 hours during breaksAll permits have a limited validity, and work may also be restricted by: employer, location, industryNone, can work anywhere in Canada & for any employerNone, can work anywhere in Canada & for any employer
Pre-approval to enter CanadaLetter of acceptance from a DLIAll TFWP and some IMP permits require a job offer, open permits do notApproval through a PR programMust have PR first
VisitorInternational studentForeign workerPermanent resident / ImmigrantNaturalized citizen / Immigrant
Annual quota
Unlimited (22.1 million arrived in 2019)Unlimited (402,195 issued in 2019)Unlimited (404,800 issued in 2019, of which 306.6k IMP and 98.2k TFW)341k in 2020
351k in 2021
361k in 2022
Unlimited ((250k newly naturalized Canadians in 2019)
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