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The Yukon Nominee Program (YNP) is designed to attract workers and entrepreneurs from around the world who have the skills, resources, and motivation to boost the economy of this “larger than life” territory.

Yukon is the smallest of Canada’s three territories, although it can boast the biggest city among them. The territory’s capital, Whitehorse, is a unique urban centre with accessible amenities and robust infrastructure. While its location is remote and its population is small – at around 25,000 – Whitehorse maintains a community-minded small-town feel, and at the same time has benefited from recent investments in public services and business ventures.

Situated in the Whitehorse Valley, the climate is milder than that of other northern cities such as Yellowknife, NWT. Thanks to traffic restrictions and greenbelt designations of surrounding areas, Whitehorse can claim it has the least air pollution of any city in the world, as confirmed by Guinness World Records.

With a labour force of about 12,500, Yukon cannot honestly be said to have major industries (the infamous Klondike gold rush of the 1890’s is long over). However, this does not mean fruitful opportunities are not available. The government is the main employer in the territory, and the tourism industry attracts significant levels of visitors each year.[/vc_content_block][vc_inline_content_signup headline=”Get the latest news about Canada’s PNPs”][vc_content_block]The YNP comprises four streams, each targeting specific groups of potential newcomers:

As well, applicants who receive a nomination from the Yukon may be eligible to apply for a location-based work permit in the Yukon through the Yukon Community Pilot (YCP).

Why Yukon?

This remote territory is often ignored by people considering where to start their new life in Canada. However, its low population could provide exactly the opportunity you are looking for. Employers are keen to attract skilled talent, and Yukon immigration authorities are actively searching to support new businesses that can boost the economy and enrich the community. While everyone else is hustling to get into more popular provinces like Ontario or BC, a smoother route to Canadian permanent residence may be available via an overlooked program like the Yukon Nominee Program.

You can find out more about the Yukon Nominee Program and other immigration streams, with the latest updates in our PNP Canada Live Tracker.

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