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The employer-driven Yukon Critical Impact Worker stream helps Yukon employers find the workers they need, if they are unable to find a candidate with the right skills for the job. Eligible workers may be able to apply for Yukon provincial nomination if they have a guaranteed job offer from a Yukon employer.

The Yukon Critical Impact Worker stream targets workers in occupations classified at National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill level C or D. The stream is part of the Yukon Nominee Program (YNP), one of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs.

While the YNP offers a dedicated stream for Express Entry candidates, the Yukon Critical Impact Worker stream operates entirely outside the Express Entry system; indeed, because the Yukon Critical Impact Worker stream is for workers in TEER 4 and 5 occupations only, it offers a route to Canadian permanent residence for workers who may not be eligible to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry.

The employer and the foreign national must work together closely on the application. For example, the employer and the foreign national must complete and sign an application form, which includes an outline of the job offer and a settlement and retention plan that outlines how the employer will help the foreign national settle in Yukon and remain in the job.

Both the employer and the foreign national must also sign a “tri-partite agreement” with the Government of Yukon’s Department of Economic Development. This agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of the employer and the nominated employee.

Successful applications result in a nomination for the foreign national, who can then apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for a temporary work permit (so that he or she may work during the application process) and permanent resident status. Dependents can be included on these applications.

Under the Yukon Critical Impact Worker stream, the employer is the actual applicant. Consequently, there are eligibility requirements for both the employer, and the foreign national.

Yukon Critical Impact Worker: Employer eligibility requirements

In order to be eligible to apply to nominate a foreign national, an employer must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Have been registered and operating a business in the Yukon full-time for at least one year (three years for non-profit organization), or be a recognized first nation, municipal, territorial, or federal government body in Yukon;
  • Have a current and valid licence, where required;
  • Meet the minimum requirements for territorial labour standards;
  • Advertise for at least four weeks (actively seeking qualified Canadians or permanent residents for the position) in the three-month period prior to submitting the application – the advertisement must remain posted until the YNP issues a decision on the application (see the program handbook for more details);
  • Submit the offer of employment information and pay a compliance fee, if the foreign national is exempt from a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA);
  • Verify the foreign national’s qualifications and work experience before submitting the application;
  • Provide health insurance (free to the nominee) giving the nominee similar coverage to what a Yukon resident receives, until the nominee is eligible for territorial coverage;
  • Pay the Yukon median wage or better for the occupation;
  • Pay air travel costs for the nominee, if the nominee is not already in Yukon, and also return air transportation if the nominee does not obtain Permanent Resident status or no longer participates in the YNP; and
  • Arrange for a screening interview with a Yukon Government Immigration officer, if the foreign national is already in Yukon.

Yukon Critical Impact Worker: Foreign national eligibility requirements

In order to be eligible for nomination, a foreign national must:

  • Demonstrate appropriate educational qualifications and work experience to meet the requirements of the occupation, as outlined in the NOC;
  • Demonstrate at least one year of related work experience;
  • Provide their full education and employment history, which the YNP will verify with the educational institution and employer;
  • Plan to live in Yukon;
  • Must take an approved language test in either English or French demonstrating proficiency equal to or above the CLB 4;
  • If the foreign national is in Canada at the time of application, he or she must have legal status in Canada. If on a temporary work permit, the foreign national must maintain a valid work permit throughout the YNP application and assessment process. If on a study permit, the foreign national must demonstrate he or she has completed all course requirements; and
  • Provide various other documents required from the foreign national and any dependants, for which the YNP provides precise criteria for format. See the program handbook for full details.

Application process for the Yukon Critical Impact Worker stream

The employer submits the application to the YNP, which states that a complete application takes approximately eight to 10 weeks to process.

If an application is approved, the foreign national receives nomination and a letter of support for a temporary work permit application. This means the nominee can apply both for a temporary work permit, and for permanent resident status. Successful applicants for permanent resident status are required to inform the YNP by sending a copy of the permanent resident card as soon as possible after arrival.

If an application is refused, the employer can request the Manager of Immigration Programs for an administrative review within 30 days of the refusal letter.

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