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If you graduated from a designated university or college in Prince Edward Island (PEI) and you are currently working in the province, you may be able to apply for Canadian permanent residence through the PEI PNP International Graduate stream, part of the Labour Impact category.

PEI PNP International Graduate eligibility

To be eligible to apply for the PEI PNP International Graduate stream you must:

  • have a full-time long-term (i.e. permanent or minimum of two years) job offer from a PEI employer in a skilled occupation (Training, Education, Experience, Responsibilities (TEER) 0, 1, 2, or 3);
  • have a valid post-graduation work permit and legal status in Canada;
  • be able to attend an interview with staff from the PEI PNP office, if required;
  • have successfully completed a post-secondary degree or diploma (minimum two year program) from a publicly-funded PEI post-secondary institution;
  • be between the ages of 18 and 59;
  • possess sufficient English and/or French language ability to perform the job offered;
  • have sufficient financial resources to pay all immigration costs (including travel expenses) for you and your family to be able to establish in PEI; and
  • demonstrate a genuine intention to settle in PEI.

The employer is responsible for ensuring that:

  • employment is full-time with a contract for a permanent position or a minimum length of two years;
  • employment in the intended occupation is consistent with the applicant’s ability to perform the job based on the applicant’s education, training and/or experience;
  • employment terms and conditions meet all applicable provincial and federal employment workplace standards and the comparable industry wage rate;
  • employment of the applicant does not contravene existing bargaining unit agreements or employment disputes;
  • the employment is in PEI;
  • employment that requires provincial licensing or accreditation has been verified to ensure the applicant has the necessary credentials to be eligible to work in the occupation in PEI;
  • an employment contract is provided, which includes the terms and conditions of the full-time job offer, signatures of the authorized signing officer of the company, and the employee (applicant) accepting the offer and conditions of employment.
  • settlement support is provided to the applicant and the family to help them establish;
  • a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is provided, if applicable;
  • attendance at an interview with staff from the PEI PNP Office, if required; and
  • documentation is provided to demonstrate effort to recruit for the intended profession has been unsuccessful within Canada and the position is critical to the operation of the business.

PEI PNP International Graduate application process

If you meet the eligibility criteria outlined above, you may then create a profile in the PEI Expression of Interest system, outlined below.  You will be asked to provide a valid email address, and identification information including your passport details. Once your account has been verified, you will be able to proceed to complete your profile so that a ranking score (points) may be awarded best on your credentials. Applicants can only have one active profile at any one time.

Your profile will remain active for a period of six months. You must ensure information provided in your profile is accurate and verifiable. If your situation changes prior to being invited to apply, you may update your profile. If your situation changes after being invited to apply, you must contact the PEI PNP Office with the new information, as this may impact the ultimate decision on your file.

An Expression of Interest is not an application, but an indication of your interest in being considered to apply to the PEI PNP. If you are invited to apply you will receive an email notification that will include your file and instructions for submission of your file.  If you are invited to apply you must complete the application forms. Your employer must also complete the employer forms.

PEI PNP International Graduate application fees

There is no fee to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the PEI PNP International Graduate stream. If you are invited and choose to apply, there is a $300 application fee.

PEI PNP International Graduate EOI points grid

PEI evaluates your credentials across just four areas for the PEI PNP International Graduate stream.

Maximum points100

Factor 1: Age

Age in yearsPoints
Over 490
Maximum points25

Factor 2: Education

Level of educationPoints
Master’s level or PhD from a graduate school of a college or university, after completionof a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree35
Post-secondary academic degree (Bachelor) from a college or that required at leastthree years of full-time study20
Post-secondary diploma in a specific trade that required at least two years of full-time study after secondary schoo20
Maximum points35

Factor 3: Employment

Working in a permanent position in PEI with a valid work permit5
Job offer in PEI related to myeducation10
Foreign qualification verified with the regulated body in PEI. This is not an ECA.5
At least 1 year continuous full-time work experience in PEI5
Maximum points20

Factor 4: Adaptability

Adaptability factorPoints
Currently have close family member(s) living in PEI forat least 12 consecutive months who are permanent residents or Canadian citizens5
Spouse/common-law partner and/or dependent child(ren) have a language ability of CLB/NCLC 6or higher in English or French5
Currently own residential property in PEI for at least12 consecutivemonths5
Graduated from a recognized PEI post-secondary institution5
Spouse/common-law partner has at least 3 years ofwork experience in the last 5 years5
Maximum points20

Based on your score, you may receive an invitation to apply when PEI conducts one of its EOI draws for the Labour Impact category (of which the PEI PNP International Graduate stream is a part). You can keep on eye on draws with our PNP Live Tracker.

Click here to submit your Expression of Interest.

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