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The Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP) offers a route to Canadian permanent resident status for foreign nationals who wish to make this vast territory their home.

Nestled in the very north of Canada, the Northwest Territories is a vast and beautiful wilderness with several thriving small communities. With approximately 41,000 residents in over one million square kilometres, there is constant demand for workers in key sectors such as mining, energy and resources, construction, transport, tourism, and others.

The Northwest Territories is the most populated of Canada’s three territories. The capital, Yellowknife, serves as an important administrative, economic, and cultural hub for the area. Despite its size and remote location, Yellowknife offers an impressive range of schools, medical services, and cultural amenities, and has the infrastructure you would expect of a regular city, including full telecommunications and cellular coverage, an airport, and the only public transit system in all three territories. The Northwest Territories Nominee Program has a range of streams targeting foreign nationals with specific skills and experience:

Why the Northwest Territories?

It is true that the remote location and environment may not be everyone’s first choice for their new home in Canada. But with such rich opportunities in diverse and exciting industries, this is a territory that deserves consideration.

Realistically, it can be challenging to get a job offer from abroad to work in a more populous province. However, the Northwest Territories is in great need of talented workers from all over the world, and a job offer here could lead to exactly the opportunity you and your family are looking for to work and live in Canada.

You can find out more about the Northwest Territories Nominee Program and other immigration streams, with the latest updates in our PNP Canada Live Tracker.

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