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Express Entry occupations: tech and business candidates fared best in 2019

OccupationNOC2019 invitations2018-2019 difference2019 % of total
Software engineers and designers21736,529+4037.7%
Information systems analysts and consultants21714,645-7845.4%
Computer programmers and interactive media developers21743,819+3694.5%
Financial auditors and accountants11112,607+1243.1%
Administrative assistants12412,407+722.8%
Professional occupations in business management
Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations11231,808-2412.1%
Administrative officers12211,694+2382%
University professors and lecturers40111,684-2582%
Advertising, marketing and public relations managers01241,588-1871.9%
Financial and investment analysts11121,549-3721.8%
Food service supervisors11221,544+1091.8%
Accounting technicians and bookkeepers13111,484+2881.7%
Mechanical engineers21321,416+1421.7%
Database analysts and data administrators21721,312+2741.5%
OccupationNOCInvitations issued with arranged employment
Computer programmers and interactive
media developers
Software engineers and designers2173871
Food service supervisors6311838
Information systems analysts and consultants2171647
University professors and lecturers4011501
Senior managers - financial, communications and other business services0013364
Computer and information systems managers0213336
Graphic designers and illustrators5241331
Administrative assistants1241218
Retail sales supervisors6211209
Administrative officers1221192
Senior managers - construction,
transportation, production and utilities
Senior managers - trade, broadcasting and
other services
Agricultural service contractors, farm
supervisors and specialized livestock workers