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Express Entry Draw – Latest Figures

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 DateNumber of invitations to apply issuedMinimum CRS points required
Draw 168November 255,000469
Draw 167November 185,000472
Draw 166November 54,500478
Draw 165October 144,500471
Draw 164September 304,200471
Draw 163September 164,200472
Draw 162September 24,200475
Draw 161August 203,300454
*CEC-specific draw
Draw 160August 19600771
*PNP-specific draw
Draw 159August 6250415
*FST-specific draw
Draw 158August 53,900476
Draw 157July 233,343445
*CEC-specific draw
Draw 156July 22557687
*PNP-specific draw
Draw 155July 83,900478
Draw 154June 253,508431
*CEC-specific draw
Draw 153June 24392696
*PNP-specific draw
Draw 152June 113,559437
*CEC-specific draw
Draw 151June 10341743
*PNP-specific draw
Draw 150May 283,515440
*CEC-specific draw
Draw 149May 27385757
*PNP-specific draw
Draw 148May 153,371447
*CEC-specific draw
Draw 147May 13529718
*PNP-specific draw
Draw 146May 13,311452
*CEC-specific draw
Draw 145Apr 29589692
*PNP-specific draw
Draw 144Apr 163,782455
*CEC-specific draw
Draw 143Apr 15118808
*PNP-specific draw
Draw 142Apr 93,294464
*CEC-specific draw
Draw 141Apr 9606698
*PNP-specific draw
Draw 140Mar 233,232467
*CEC-specific draw
Draw 139Mar 19668720
*PNP-specific draw
Draw 138Mar 43,900471
Draw 137Feb 194,500470
Draw 136 Feb 53,500472
Draw 135 Jan 223,400471
Draw 134 Jan 83,400473