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A transparent, honest Canadian immigration consultancy with advice you can trust.

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The team at Canada Abroad, composed of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, brings a wealth of experience in all facets of Canadian immigration. This dynamic organization is led by Deanne Acres-Lans, who has successfully established a formidable and well-recognized brand. Under her leadership, Canada Abroad has guided and assisted thousands of immigrants on their journey to Canada over the past ten years.

The team at Canada Abroad was meticulously assembled to ensure consistency in ethics and the high standard of service that clients have come to expect. This ensures that regardless of which consultant or team member a client interacts with, they receive the same level of expert guidance and support.

Meet the Canada Abroad team of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs)

Deanne Acres-Lans

Deanne has expertise in all types of Canadian immigration applications, except those for Quebec. Having lived abroad and personally assisted her own family through the immigration process, she easily relates to the clients of Canada Abroad on a personal level. Deanne is particularly passionate about family sponsorship, an area where her experience and understanding shine.

Heather MacIntyre

With a background in language education, Heather brings over a decade of international experience from her travels and work in Russia and Turkey. Having established herself in multiple countries, she is well-acquainted with the settlement process and its associated challenges. Originally from Victoria, BC, Heather is now based in Toronto, working as an RCIC. Her goal is to contribute to Canada’s rich diversity by assisting newcomers in navigating the processes of obtaining temporary and permanent residence.

Magda Zaplotny

Magda is a seasoned and versatile licensed professional with extensive experience in both the immigration industry and real estate. Her expertise enables her to guide applicants in creating effective pathways for successful immigration to Canada. Magda specializes in temporary and permanent immigration programs, as well as LMIA applications for Canadian employers. She operates across all Canadian provinces, including Ontario and British Columbia, where she is also licensed as a recruiter. As an immigrant herself, Magda deeply understands the challenges newcomers face in Canada. Her in-depth knowledge of the dynamic immigration landscape makes her an ideal consultant for those seeking guidance in this complex area.

John Lironi

John is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), representing individuals, families, small businesses, and corporations in various aspects of Canadian immigration, including business immigration programs. He is known for his frequent presentations at industry events, where he shares insights on LMIA exemptions and labor mobility under international trade agreements. John serves as an instructor in immigration law at the University of Queens and previously held a similar position at the University of British Columbia from 2014 to 2021. Please note, however, that John is not able to provide specific advice on immigration to Quebec.

Werner Lans

Werner, originally from South Africa, is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) who has personally experienced the immigration process to Canada. He is a member in good standing with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC).


Most popular services

The Canada Abroad team offers a range of services, the most popular of which are outlined below. If you choose to work with Canada Abroad on a full-service application process, the fees you pay toward your consultation will be credited towards the cost of that application.

Not sure where to start? Complete Canada Abroad’s free eligibility assessment.

The Online Consultation

The Express Entry Profile Review

The Express Entry Permanent Residence Application Review

Review of Rejected Applications

Study Permit File Review

Spousal File Review

Work Permit Review

  • We have been using Canada Abroad since 2021 and could not recommend anyone else except Canada Abroad. Marcia has been amazing and replies very promptly whenever we had queries about our applications. Highly recommend this company in making your life easier when it comes to dealing with IRCC applications.
  • I was very pleased with my consultation experience with Marcia Freese at Canada Abroad. Marcia was right-to-the-point, did not waste any time on the call, and shared her screen with me during the call to very transparently review my scores in various immigration programs. Marcia answered all of my questions. There was no sales-pitch or undue sense of urgency which sets Marcia and Canada Abroad apart from another agency I spoke with recently. I will definitely be continuing to use Marcia’s consultation at Canada Abroad!

  • Very satisfied with a consultation from Canada Abroad and particularly Magda Zaplotny who showed a strong willingness to help. Had a number of questions about possible paths to PR and decided that speaking with an experienced consultant was necessary. Magda was able to respond to all questions quickly so it did not feel as though time was being taken up searching for answers. Additional information was also shared beyond simply answering questions. Magda’s experience was evident and her explanations of available options were clear. Felt like Magda carefully considered the various options. By the end, a helpful course of action was proposed. Would consult with Magda again as the process continues and would readily recommend her.

  • A really informative and helpful chat with Heather! She answered all of my questions and was able to explain the process really simply. She gave me all my options and what I’d need to do going forward. Would really recommend for anyone who is looking to move to Canada but doesn’t know their options and what they need.

  • Our consultant, Heather Mcintyre was far beyoond what we expected. Her knowledge and ability to explain in detail that was easy to understand put us at ease and we found renewed confidence going forward. We definitely recommend with confidence, Canada Abroad.
    Thank you Heather for giving a hope that we never had before.


‘We will make your application as easy and stress-free as possible. When looking to immigrate to Canada, you have a choice to do the application yourself, or to use the assistance of a legally authorized representative. We understand that not everyone needs assistance and we will never pressure you to do so! We are here to help those who need it and we offer a variety of services to meet each client’s individual needs and budget.’

– Deanne Acres-Lans, Canada Abroad

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