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There is no shortage of jobs in Toronto. As Canada’s largest city the opportunities are abundant, but the competition is tough.

In this guide to finding jobs in Toronto, we go over employment services for newcomers, Toronto-specific job search websites, and more resources for landing your Canadian dream job.

But first, let’s give you a brief overview of Toronto’s job market. The key industries in Toronto include finance, media and entertainment, tech, tourism, and real estate. There are tons of jobs in other sectors, these are just the ones that Toronto is known for both in Canada and internationally.

Below, we’ve gathered some helpful websites for finding jobs in Toronto, networking, and employment services for newcomers. Take a look at some of the sites below or skip ahead to read on about job searching in Canada.

Online resources for finding jobs in Toronto

 General job boards and networking sites

  • Job Bank – The government of Canada website offers job listings, wage information, and trend analysis on jobs all over Canada—Toronto included.
  • Indeed – Job search engine for all industries.
  • Randstad – A multi-national recruitment agency that has a job search engine for Toronto.
  • LinkedIn – The go-to place for professional networking on social media.
  • Facebook – You might not think of Facebook as the place to find jobs, but it can actually help you in a number of ways. In addition to a job search engine, you can also leverage industry-specific Facebook groups to network and learn about job openings and networking opportunities.
  • The Hip Haus – Offers networking events in Toronto and other cities.
  • EventBrite – A source of info on networking and social events.
  • Meetup – For networking events and clubs in Toronto.

Industry-specific job boards

  • City of Toronto – View job postings to work for the City.
  • RealCareers – Real Estate jobs in Toronto and elsewhere.
  • – IT jobs in Toronto and other cities in Canada.
  • Showbizjobs – Entertainment jobs in Toronto and other parts of Canada.
  • Gamejobhunter – Video game jobs in Toronto and the world.
  • – Job listings for startups and major companies in Toronto and around the globe.
  • Media job search – Media, HR, Finance, IT jobs. Not specific to Toronto but a search by location function is available.
  • JeffGaulin – Journalism jobs, including but not limited to Toronto.
  • 86network – Hospitality jobs in Toronto, and throughout Canada.
  • CharityVillage – For non-profit jobs in Toronto and other places in Canada.

Free settlement services for newcomers

General job searching tips for Canada

Once you know which jobs you want to apply for, these tips can help you land that first interview.

We did a whole video on this exact subject. Check out these tips for finding a job in Canada.

Canadianize your resume

Canadian resumes do not necessarily follow the same format as what employers in other countries prefer. For starters, the only personal information you really put on a Canadian resume is your name and contact information. You don’t put your marital status, religion, or age.

Tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for

It might take more time than you like to research and craft a resume that’s perfect for the exact job you’re looking for, but it’s time better spent than the ol’ “spray and pray” method.

Why? Because recruiters notice. They can tell who has researched their companies missions, objectives, and pain points. They want to see that your presence at their company will fulfill a particular need.

Clean up online presence

You might also call it “SEO optimize yourself.” Set personal accounts to private. Make sure your public online presence reflects the person you want to be seen as by prospective employers. This could mean updating your LinkedIn, creating a professional website, or—in some cases—updating your online portfolio with your latest and greatest works.

Follow up

Save this one till after the job application window closes. If there’s no specific application closing date on the job listing, a good rule of thumb is to wait about a week or two after applying.

You don’t want to come off as pushy so keep the communication brief. If the employer asks you not to contact them on their job listing, respect their wish and wait for the call. You can always apply for other jobs while you wait.

Beware of scams

Firstly, you should never have to pay money to secure a job. Scammers will offer people a job, ask for money, and disappear. Victims lose money and get no job out of it. In Canada, employees do not pay for jobs.

Although some recruiters may reach out to you and offer you a chance to go through the application process, generally you don’t just get a job without applying for one. If you get a job offer from an unknown company, offering a high salary for a position that requires little or no experience, it’s most likely a scam.

Chances are if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

And more!

For job listings, check out the Moving2Canada Job Board to find jobs in Toronto and all over Canada.

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