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Get active with our City of Calgary recreation and sports options.

Calgarians are by and large very active, and with good reason. The region surrounding the city offers an extensive range of sports and recreational opportunities.

The city has one of the most extensive bikeway / pathway systems in North America. It covers most communities in the city. It’s ideal for walking, jogging, cycling and rollerblading. Calgary’s main parks, both large and small, are ideal for frisbee throwing, cricket, picnics and sunbathing.

A wide network of community centres offer recreational activities including ice hockey, skating, swimming, squash, tennis, martial arts, yoga and many others pursuits. There are also self-development courses and arts and crafts.

City of Calgary Recreation and Sports: Spectator options

Hockey (NHL)

Hockey is the most popular sport in Canada and Calgarians are crazy about their local team, the Calgary Flames. Of all Calgary recreation options, visiting the Saddledome is a must-do during hockey season. Tickets come as cheap as $20 in the nosebleed section.

Canadian Football (CFL)

The Calgary Stampeders represent Calgary in the CFL, a sport that is very similar to American football.

Calgary Recreation and Sports: Participation options

City of Calgary recreation and sports
Credit: Tourism Calgary

City of Calgary recreation options

The City of Calgary recreation facilities include arts centres, athletic parks, soccer centres, sailing schools, golf courses, skate parks, and swimming and fitness centres.

There are many drop-in and registered programs on offer which you can use to keep active – and maybe meet some new people! Classes range from dance, and arts, to yoga and martial arts. There are also nature, and parenting programs if you wish to increase your skills in these areas.

You can find out more about the City of Calgary recreation programs here.

Social Sports

There are lots of “social” sports in Calgary. For example, in the summer there is softball where people gather and play casual games, sometimes with beer. In winter, it’s hockey. Again, it’s not usually organized. People just gather at ice rinks and bring hockey sticks and pucks. Most Canadians are very welcoming to others who are learning to play.


The City of Calgary recreation facilities include many golf courses. This makes it easy for visitors to play at affordable courses without being members. McCall Lake is probably the nicest, with a challenging 9th hole! See their full list.

GAA (Irish Sports)

Calgary Chieftains club is always open to new members. If you have just moved to Calgary, joining the Chieftains is a great way to interact and network with people. Training starts around early May and runs to the start of September. They then change training to mixed 7-a-side soccer. Read more in our Irish in Calgary and GAA in Calgary articles.


There are plenty of soccer fields around the city. Co-ed soccer is very popular and another great way to interact and network. Drop-in soccer, played indoors and usually 6-a-side, is common during the winter. There are separate seasons for indoor and outdoor.

The Calgary Caledonians (Callies) are a popular Irish soccer team. The chairman is an Irishman named Sean Hayes and they are always looking for players for Indoor and Outdoor. Generally they have pretty good teams and don’t compete below Division 3. They also have over-35 and over-45 teams.

Contact Sean Hayes @ [email protected]


There is an Irish rugby club called the Calgary Canadian Irish Athletic Club.

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