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Flights to Canada

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Need to book flights to Canada? We can help you plan your trip. Here’s our guide to search websites, Canadian airlines, and other providers who can help you get here.

The number of choices available for flights to Canada is always growing. Do your research and save yourself money.

Summary of flights to Canada.

Recent changes require some air passengers on flights to Canada to register their details with Canadian immigration authorities before their flight. Learn more about the eTA and Canada visa requirements here.

In some case, it may be cheaper to take indirect flights to Canada.

If your journey requires you to stop along the way, it’s recommended that you stop in a Canadian airport, rather than flying through the US.

This is because US immigration requires travelers to collect their luggage in the US and go through customs. If you are travelling through the US, check whether you need an ESTA in order to transit.

Flying to Toronto from Europe.

It’s easier to get direct flights to Toronto than any other Canadian city.

You can fly direct to Toronto from airports across Europe, including Ireland, the UK, France, Germany, and Spain.

Routes are operated by several international and Canadian airlines. These include Air Canada, Aer Lingus, Air Transat, British Airways, and Air France. WestJet operates a seasonal service.

Air Transat tends to be the cheapest with CanadianAffair also offering many chartered flights to Toronto from the UK.

Flying to Vancouver from Europe.

A one-way flight to Vancouver from Europe will typically cost between €320 – €650 (£250 — £500). The exact fare will depend on the time of year and number of connections.

Lufthansa, British Airways, Air Canada, and Air France are among the international and Canadian airlines offering direct flights. Routes operate frequently to London, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

Direct flights to Dublin began in summer 2016. Read more about the Dublin to Vancouver flights here.

Flights to Vancouver are often €150 – €200 (£125 – £160) more expensive than flying to Seattle, so if you’re tight on cash then it’s definitely worth looking into.

If you choose that option, you’ll need to handle an additional four hours of travel time and wait time at the US border crossing. The Greyhound Bus from Seattle to Vancouver costs around $40 (one-way) and takes four hours.

Flying to Calgary from Europe.

There are direct flights to Canada from London to Calgary with Air Transat, Westjet, British Airways, and Air Canada.

International and Canadian airlines also service Glasgow, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Paris direct. One-way costs range from €320 – €650 (£250 — £500), depending on the itinerary.

Flying to Edmonton from Europe.

There are direct flights to Canada from London to Edmonton with Westjet. KLM offers service to Amsterdam. One-way costs range from €350 – €700 (£275 – £550).

Flying to Montreal from Europe.

Flights are available from international and Canadian airlines to London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, and Paris.

Air Transat offers direct flights in the summer season to Dublin. Other cities with service to Montreal in the summer include Athens, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Budapest, Lisbon, Madrid, Prague, Rome.

Search engines for flights to Canada.

When you’re shopping for flights to Canada, it’s always a good idea to look around and research. Bear in mind our advice above when consulting these websites.

Canadian airlines.


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