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Hugo O'Doherty

Canadian Immigration & Integration Specialist

Hugo O’Doherty first immigrated to Canada from Ireland in 2011 after obtaining a Master’s in International Journalism, laying the foundation for a career in reporting on Canadian immigration and settlement issues.

During a successful period as Content Manager at CanadaVisa and CICnews, Hugo reported on the launch of Express Entry in 2015 and was a key player in delivering tools and resources to a global audience of millions who want to call Canada home. After joining Moving2Canada in 2018, Hugo helped to establish as a key resource for people around the world to move to Canada affordably and with confidence. Among other projects, Hugo led deployment of the first ever PNP Live Tracker and a unique Express Entry CRS Calculator, the only such calculator providing real-time outputs and real-time eligibility signals. His key expertise in newcomer settlement encompasses immigrant employment, choice of destination, and family matters, among other important issues.

Hugo has been quoted or published across a range of national and international media, including The Globe and Mail, Washington Post, Montreal Gazette, The Irish Times, and CTV, establishing him as a recognized authority in Canada and abroad. His expertise focuses on strategies for successful immigrant integration and adaptation.

Hugo’s immigration journey:

Hugo first moved to Canada from Ireland in 2011 through the IEC Working Holiday program, choosing Montreal as his new home. After a series of LMIA- and CSQ-based temporary work permits obtained while he was learning French, Hugo eventually obtained permanent resident status through the Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ) in 2018. He became a proud Canadian citizen in 2022.

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