Supermarkets in Toronto

Supermarkets in Toronto

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As one of the most mulitcultural cities on the planet, you’ll find a wide range of supermarkets in Toronto.

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The main supermarkets in Toronto.

Loblaws is a supermarket chain that, in addition to food, offers home decor items, a pharmacy, bulk foods and often a wine store. It’s also known as Zehrs and Fortinos in smaller communities.

Dominion Food Stores — Price Choppers and Sobeys — are large chains with many locations. Whole Foods Markets and Noahs are popular organic grocery stores.

Toronto’s Kensington Market and St. Lawrence Market are well known for fresh fish, meat, baked goods, fruits, vegetables and spices.

One of the cheapest supermarkets to find everything on the weekly shopping list is No Frills. There are only a few No Frills supermarkets in Toronto, so living near one is a big bonus.

If you need a multitude of things along with your groceries, Walmart is great. It has everything from clothes and food to bed clothes, and all household appliances.

There’s also Dollarama, which has several locations dotted all over the downtown core.

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