Where to live in Ottawa

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What are the best Ottawa neighbourhoods? What is the best place to live in Ottawa for young singles or young families? Where to live in Ottawa depends on your preferences and particular needs, so we try to outline the most common neighbourhoods for newcomers to the city.

This section offers a brief description of the different neighbourhoods, aimed at giving you an idea as to where to live in Ottawa. Deciding where to live can take a while, so try not to commit to a location long term until you have arrived and seen more of the city. There is a steady flow of rented accommodation in Ottawa.

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Where to live in Ottawa

● Centretown/Lowertown
● Sandy Hill
● Old Ottawa South/The Glebe/New Edinburgh/Beechwood
● Westboro/Hintonburg
● Kanata/Barrhaven/Orleans
● Gatineau


One of the main advantages of living in Ottawa is the relative affordability of living downtown, with ease in accessibility to the downtown core and the main social quarters. Ottawa’s downtown is the centre of government, and many of the main high-rises are devoted to the civil service and other businesses associated with this. Nevertheless, downtown offers almost every amenity and a plethora of beautiful restaurants and pubs. The centrepiece of downtown Ottawa is the Byward Market, where one finds many of the bars and eateries that make the city famous. Should you wish to have an active social life without having to take a taxi home, this area is the one for you.

The mixture of French and English cultures is at its most prominent in Lowertown, the traditional French Canadian area, where French and English are heard and spoken interchangeably. There are a handful of more family-orientated locations, with easy access to schools and daycare, but most inhabitants of the downtown core are young professionals and couples. That being said, prices can be surprisingly affordable, with a one-bed apartment available from $800–1200 per month.


Byward Market is the centre of Ottawa’s social scene

Sandy Hill

Any prospective student of Ottawa’s main universities will no doubt find themselves at their most comfortable in Sandy Hill, one of Ottawa’s main neighbourhoods since its designation as the nation’s capital. More and more in recent years, established residents have found themselves moving out to the suburbs and leasing their residences to students, which gives Sandy Hill a relaxed and fun vibe. There are numerous ethnic restaurants and bars with student friendly prices, and one can find almost any activity any night of the week. The residents are most definitely younger in this area, and apartments can be rented from $600–1000 per month.


Strathcona Park in Sandy Hill

Old Ottawa South/The Glebe/New Edinburgh/Beechwood

The Glebe and Old Ottawa South are the more prosperous areas of Ottawa’s downtown, offering the urban suburban experience with beautiful colonial houses and gardens in the middle of the city. Residents are often more comfortable financially, and the development of high-rise condominium apartments bears testament to this. These areas are generally considering more “yuppie” than others, and cater to upmarket consumers. Chic coffee shops, brunch restaurants and organic food shops abound. These areas are also very close to downtown, and offer easy access to the central business district. Prices are rising in these areas, with an apartment available from $1000–1600 per month, but could be more should you choose to live in a condo with associated fees adding to the monthly cost.


An aerial view of Old Ottawa South


Fast becoming associated with the “hipster” lifestyle, Westboro and Hintonburg are often described as quirky and eccentric. Nevertheless, the amenities close at hand are numerous. Prices are also lower here, from $500–1000 per month for an apartment, and it is a given that development in this area will continue.


Westboro Beach on the Ottawa River


These areas are generally regarded as suburbia in Ottawa, having only recently joined the city — no longer considered towns in their own right as Ottawa expands at a rapid pace. These neighbourhoods are much more family friendly, with access to malls, schools, doctor surgeries, etc. easily available. Prices range upwards of $1000 per month.



For a considerably more French — but cheaper — experience, Gatineau is the place for you. Once you cross the bridge from Ontario to Quebec, rents plummet. Knowledge of French, however, is a definite advantage, as many administrative facilities are available primarily in French. Nonetheless, Western Quebec is a de facto bilingual area, and many Anglophones reside here. Access to Ottawa is very easy, with bus systems running regularly throughout the week.

Some tourist attractions on the Gatineau side include the Museum of Civilisation and Gatineau Park. Gatineau can offer the most scenic of all Ottawa’s areas, including Le Nordique Spa in Chelsea and Wakefield, a beautiful rural area with impressive views of Gatineau’s National Park. Rent can range from $400–900 per month, considerably cheaper that in Ontario, but be warned, Quebec’s taxes are higher than those of Ontario.


Gatineau Park in Fall (Autumn)

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