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LinkedIn has become by far the most powerful online weapon in the job-seeker’s arsenal, and is especially useful for international job hunting where personal networks may not be as strong.

You could even say that LinkedIn has become an indispensable tool for professionals in Canada and around the world. Its multifaceted features empower individuals to build and nurture their network, thereby increasing their prospects of gainful employment in Canada. Whether you are seeking a new job, staying updated in your field, or aiming to advance your career, LinkedIn is a valuable resource that offers numerous benefits.

We’ve included some tips for how to be successful with LinkedIn, and optimize your success of finding a job in Canada.

But first, let’s go over why exactly this social media platform is worth investing your time in.

Why is LinkedIn useful?

LinkedIn allows you to organise your professional connections, build an online presence and leverage common connections with other members of your network. The purpose is to build connections that can assist you in meeting your professional objectives. Whether you are searching for a job, keeping up to date on your field, or looking to advance your career, you will find LinkedIn helpful.

LinkedIn helps build rapor

Posting topical articles or comments on your profile or selected groups can help you engage with your existing network and build new contacts.

LinkedIn facilitates warm introductions

LinkedIn allows you to establish degrees of separation when browsing for target individuals. Instead of a cold invitation to a stranger who does not know you, you may avail of the opportunity to ask a common connection to introduce you. This is a powerful networking tool.

But also cold introductions

If you wish to be particularly proactive about exploring new opportunities, don’t be afraid to ‘reverse headhunt’. This essentially means identifying suitable companies or individuals to contact directly through the LinkedIn messaging feature. Providing a customised message explaining why you wish to connect is vital as it shows that you have taken the time to study their profile.


How to grow your LinkedIn network

LinkedIn allows you to search for contacts by name or import your email contacts to find other potentially useful contacts who are using LinkedIn.

Join LinkedIn groups according to your industry, professional organisation and regions to meet other professionals with common interests and keep you up to date on developments in your industry.

Add a LinkedIn badge to your email signature.

Tips for success on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for promoting your career interests, so ensure you maintain a complete profile and communicate a positive, professional online image. First impressions last.

A concise heading and title are crucial, and it’s important that you convey the appropriate message to viewers. For example, if you are job hunting, you can convey that by stating you are “seeking new opportunities in . . . ” on your profile.

Recommendations are handy, so ask colleagues, supervisors and happy clients to endorse your work, as this greatly enhances your professional image.

How to build a LinkedIn profile to impress

Complete the following steps to help take your LinkedIn profile to the next level.

Professional photo

Adding a professional photo adds personality to your profile. If you can’t afford a photographer, you can use your phone. Just make sure your face is bright and clear and you are wearing clothing that reflects how you want to be presented to future employers.

Clear objectives

Similar to your CV/resume, your profile should include a personal summary that is clear and concise. It should emphasize what you have to offer. Naming what you are looking for is one thing, but your personal summary should bring forth your most valuable assets to a potential employer.

Relevant detail

Provide as much detail as possible about your results and achievements during your current and previous roles. Remember that using numerical data can be highly beneficial in setting you apart from others. For example, “I worked with X number of clients, growing their traffic month-to-month by X% over X period of time.”

Keyword loading

Optimising your profile for searches is critical. Loading your profile with keywords associated with your desired role will return your profile in searches by recruiters. If you do not want your desire for a new role to be blatant, it’s a good idea to embellish your profile with subtle keywords such as ‘seeking’, ‘opportunities’ and ‘new challenges’. Otherwise, being explicit with the fact that you’re are actively looking will attract the attention of hirers.

Increase your visibility on LinkedIn

Joining relevant groups and being active in group discussions can increase your footprint within industries and can drive traffic to your profile. Post regularly and consistently, but also interract with others’ posts.

Create a Custom URL on LinkedIn

By default your public link to your profile may contain a lengthy URL that looks like “”. Ensure you shorten the URL if you would like to place this link on your resume or signature. See our How to create a short, custom LinkedIn profile URL guide for instructions.

Overall, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for expanding your professional network and enhancing your employment prospects in Canada. By utilizing its features effectively and maintaining an impressive profile, you can unlock numerous opportunities and make meaningful connections in your field.

Job searching in Canada

Leveraging your LinkedIn is a good step toward finding gainful employment in Canada. However, it is far from the only step.

It’s generally good practice to not cast a wide net in job searching, rather, fine-tune your application for jobs that really match your skills and career goals.

That being said, be sure to check out a variety of sources for these job opporunities.

Moving2Canada has its very own job board with companies that are looking for immigrants. Check out the Moving2Canada Jobs Board for new listings.

In 2023, we sat down with Moving2Canada’s founder, Ruairi Spillaine, to talk about how to find a job in Canada. Ruairi also owns a boutique recruitment agency called Outpost Recruitment that helps place construction workers to jobs in Canada. As an immigrant himself, he has first-hand experience navigating the Canadian job market as a foreigner in Canada.

Watch the video on How to Land a Job in Canada

When you are done, be sure to check out more job listings, excusive offers, and immigration resources by creating a free Moving2Canada account.

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