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Canada is creating new work permits specifically for eligible STEM workers.

Working in the right STEM occupation or the right government-approved company in Canada could make it easier for you to apply for a Canadian work permit.

By the end of 2023, Canada will have a new work permit pathway called the Innovation Stream. It will be divided into two different work permits:

  • A closed work permit for workers with job offers at certain companies in Canada
  • An open work permit for those in specific STEM occupations, which allows them to work anywhere in Canada

More details will be released later this year.

The innovation stream falls under Canada’s International Mobility Program (IMP), which means employers are not required to do a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This cuts down the time it takes to hire a foreign worker in Canada, and also it allows for foreign workers to obtain an open work permit.

Work in Canada’s STEM sector

There are already a number of ways to work in Canada’s STEM sector as an international professional. Canada recently unveiled its first-ever Tech Talent Strategy.

The Innovation Stream is among the measures listed in the strategy, which includes new policies and improvements to old ones.

To work in Canada’s STEM sector temporarily, check out some of these pathways:

If you would like to immigrate to Canada permanently, STEM professionals may be able to take advantage of the following Canadian immigration pathways:

Or, if you would like to start your own company in Canada check out the following business immigration stream, which has seen some improvements thanks to the Tech Talent Strategy:

Resources for jobseekers in Canada

Moving2Canada has a number of resources for jobseekers in Canada, including for those who want to work in tech.

From our career resources to job board, learn more about writing a Canadian-style resume, preparing for the interview, and making the most of your time when job searching. You can also check out our Destination Guides for more info on where you might like to live in Canada.

For an insider’s take with first-hand Canadian immigration experience, check out the following interview with Moving2Canada’s founder, Ruairi Spillaine.

Video Transcript

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