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Ruairi Spillane

Founder & CEO - Finance & Recruitment Specialist

Ruairi Spillane’s experience as an immigrant from Ireland to Vancouver started in 2008 and inspired his mission to help other immigrants navigate their own transition to Canada. He founded Moving2Canada in 2011 when he realized that the Canadian immigration space lacked a trustworthy source of information and first-hand advice for newcomers.
Ruairi’s deep understanding of the challenges faced by immigrants also inspired him to launch Outpost Recruitment in 2012. As CEO, he leads the company’s focus on recruiting top-tier talent in the construction and engineering sectors, enhancing the Canadian labour market with skilled professionals.

His efforts have earned him widespread recognition, including the 2019 Small Business BC Best Immigrant Entrepreneur Award, and inclusions in the 2022 Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards and Top 40 under 40 in Canadian Construction

Ruairi is a frequent contributor to discussions on Canadian immigration and the labour market. He has been featured in leading national and international publications such as The Globe and MailThe Toronto Star and The Irish Times.

Ruairi continues to influence the fields of Canadian immigration and labour with his expert contributions, which can be explored in more detail here. His work reflects his commitment to helping immigrants succeed in their new lives in Canada and also positions him as a trusted authority on successful integration strategies.

Ruairi’s immigration journey:

Ruairi first moved to Canada from Ireland was in 2008 gaining employer sponsorship via LMIA for a role in finance. Ruairi eventually obtained permanent resident status in 2010 and became a Canadian citizen in 2022.

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