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Newcomers to Montreal will find an extensive public transit system comprised of an underground Metro system and buses, 645 kilometres (400 miles) of dedicated bike paths, a high-quality bike-sharing system, and the option to own a car.

Recent developments, however, are about to make an increasingly popular new option even more viable in Montreal: carsharing (French: covoiturage).

It is not always necessary to own a car, but sometimes it is useful to have the option of using one. A move, a shopping run, making your next appointment in good time, or getting from one Montreal neighbourhood to another are all good reasons to get behind the wheel. Fortunately, these occasions can be covered by simply picking up a car from one of the excellent providers for carsharing in Montreal.

Getting a car that suits your needs at the exact moment you need it is one of the advantages of living in a large city such as Montreal, by far Quebec’s largest metropolitan area. No tax or insurance payments, no hundreds-of-dollars services, and no paying for an overpriced parking space in your building. Whichever Montreal carsharing option you choose, you will have the option of simply reserving a specific car online and renting it by the minute, hour, or day.

Why use carsharing in Montreal?

The new municipal government encourages carsharing in Montreal as an alternative to ownership, and it is expected that, starting in May, 2018, vehicles may be picked up and dropped off in more city areas, including large parts of downtown previously restricted to electric carsharing vehicles. It will also be possible to park the cars in spots normally reserved for residents in most neighbourhoods, making it much more convenient to get exactly where you want to go.

Carsharing is a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to car ownership. Perks include the ability to choose flexibly without the fixed costs usually tied to a car – you can put that saved money into traveling more of Quebec and Canada! Providers in Montreal include gas, insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance in their fees. The application process always includes a driver’s license check, and only drivers with a clean abstract may be granted a membership.

Want to take a trip? Here are the most popular options for carsharing in Montreal.

Communauto / Auto-mobile

Who? Communauto offers cars for reservation, which need to be dropped back at their pick-up location. It is comparable to a short-term car rental service. Auto-mobile is Communauto’s one-way service for carsharing in Montreal, available for travel from A to B without a reservation. However, not all Communauto cars are available for Auto-mobile trips.

The fleet is mostly composed of Toyota Prius C. Toyota Yaris, Nissan Versa and Note.

How much? Communauto offers several plans with different rates, starting from a membership fee of $40 per year and a rate of $2.45 per hour plus $0.26 per kilometre. The Auto-mobile subscription is free, with rates starting from 0.40 per minute, $12 per hour and $50 per day, with 100 kilometre included per trip.

Highlights: 12 percent of the fleet comes with safety seats for children, and there is a family membership available to register all eligible family members under the same account.

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