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In addition to plenty of trails and outdoor activities, there are many ways to stay active and get fit or keep fit in Hamilton.

Fitness is becoming increasingly part of everyday life in Canada, and many Canadians – Hamiltonians included – take advantage of gym memberships, local meet-ups, and organized amateur sports leagues as a way to stay motivated towards a healthy, active lifestyle.

Here is a list of just a few of the various gym and sports options around Hamilton. Some of these may be seasonal due to the weather, but don’t worry if you see snow outside – Hamilton  has a number of indoor facilities to keep you going all year long.

Gyms in Hamilton

As in any large city, the types and offerings of different gyms in Hamilton are many and varied. From basic equipment rooms, to deluxe suites and personal trainers, there are options to fit most budgets. Gyms commonly offer a range of classes, and the membership plans commonly vary depending on the features you want to pay for, so make sure to check each gym’s website for full details. Alternatively, drop into your local gym for a brief chat on payment plans, benefits, and everything else. If you want to keep fit in Hamilton, particularly during the winter months, a gym membership may be a good choice.


A classic across Canada, with several branches across downtown Hamilton. As much a community centre as a gym, each “Y” commonly has exercise machines, a pool, and a range of classes, in addition to childcare services and daycamps, newcomer programs, and activities for the elderly. Membership fees vary, but it will cost you about $50 per month plus an initial “building fee” that gets reinvested in the community and funds memberships for those who cannot afford full fees. Membership includes unlimited gym and aquatics classes, access to the gym and pool, and unlimited guest passes, among other perks. There are no contracts, and memberships can be suspended at no cost for short periods of time.


Canada’s largest health and fitness club has five locations around downtown Hamilton. Of these, the branch in Lime Ridge Mall is women’s only, and Stone Church and Queenston Place (open 24 hours) have women’s-only options. Goodlife offers three-visit free trial passes (valid for one week), after which rates vary from about $50 to $70 per month, depending on your plan. While pricier than the Y, membership includes even perkier perks like towels, hot yoga, massage, squash, and tanning. Their range of fitness classes, personal training, childcare, and even nutrition programs is also impressive.


Among Locke Street’s many amenities is this boutique gym with a smaller, studio feel. Describing itself as semi-private, its membership options mostly include unlimited private training. Prices are correspondingly higher (around $155-$200 per month), and it closes at 8 p.m. (earlier than most of the big chain gyms). However, if you are looking for a gym that will become part of your lifestyle and community, somewhere smaller with more one-on-one contact with trainers, OHSO could be a good fit for you.


Another small studio gym focusing on personal training and wellness, Catalyst’s monthly fee is attractive at $50. This even includes unlimited 24-hour access, although classes cost extra. Yoga and massage are also on offer, alongside gym equipment and personalized training programs.

ALP Training Institute

For serious gym-goers looking for advanced workouts and training, this 6,000 square foot institute (as it calls itself) offers impressive facilities and equipment, particularly for weight training. They also have athletic development programs, group and private classes, and they take off-season hockey training very seriously. With a limit of 250 members, the atmosphere feels focused and exclusive, but membership plans remain below $100 per month.

Yoga in Hamilton

Yoga has been extremely popular across Canada for many years now, and there are plenty of studios to help you relax and keep fit in Hamilton. Each yoga studio in Hamilton has a different approach to yoga practice – some focus on fitness, while others take a more spiritual or holistic approach. Many larger studios incorporate other treatments such as massage, chiropractic, or osteopathy. And who knows, maybe your next yoga class in Hamilton will include live music.

Hot yoga, moksha, bikram, pilates, and meditation classes are all easy to find. Many studios have good introductory offers for newcomers looking to keep fit in Hamilton, so take advantage of a few of these to find a studio that fits you!

While there are too many options to cover here, some of the top-rated studios in the downtown area include Circle Studios, In Fine Feather, De La Sol, and Shanti.

Running and athletics in Hamilton

The best advice for running may be to simply open your front door and place one foot in front of the other. Ultimately, you don’t have to dig deep into your wallet to keep fit in Hamilton, which, with well-lit streets with wide sidewalks, running is a popular and common pursuit. In addition, Hamilton’s many parks and lakeside boardwalks provide an easily-accessible and free workout for at least eight months of the year, although running outside is not generally recommended in winter unless you have the right gear. If you are looking for some motivation by way of running groups, here are some good starting points.

The Burly Trail Runners

Open to all runners of all abilities, this amateur running group meets around the Burlington and Hamilton area for casual, keep-fit runs. If you are looking for a fun way to stay motivated for your semi-regular jogs, check out their Facebook group for meet-ups.

The Hamilton Harriers

This running and walking club is open to everyone and meets a few times a week for running and training. While they meet at the downtown YMCA, you do not have to be a YMCA member to join them.

Hamilton Olympic Club

If you are a serious runner or athlete interested in competing in regional and national meets, this is the club to try. Training is focused at a more serious level (the clue is in the name), rather than for a casual participant, and they have a large team of experienced coaches.

MEC Meet-Ups

Canada’s outdoor gear hotspot MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op, but everyone calls it like it looks: “meck”) hosts regular meet-ups for trail running around nearby Burlington. They organize road and trail runs, and emphasize that while beginners are welcome, they frequently push to challenge each other.


This “athleisure” clothing brand is wildly popular across Canada. Indeed, the company was started in Vancouver. However, their stores offer more than cult favourite leggings; most outlets have free running clubs that meet at various times of the day throughout the year. While the demographic may lean towards young to middle-aged women, these groups are open to all – and LuluLemon gear is not required (though before and after a meet-up there is often a soft-sell atmosphere in the store).

Runner’s Den

This specialist store frequently posts listings on its website for upcoming running events such as marathons and charity runs.

Sports teams and local leagues in Hamilton

Canada loves its team sports, and amateur teams can be a fun way to meet people and learn something new while staying active. Here are a few amateur teams in Hamilton; membership requirements may vary, so check out the links for more information. While amateur, these teams are generally not casual. Membership may require a tryout, and the commitment to be a team member should be taken seriously!

Sports grounds like soccer pitches and baseball diamonds are also common in local parks – there is nothing to stop you from grabbing some friends and starting a game of your own!

We hope this guide is useful as you start your new life and aim to keep fit in Hamilton. As well as keeping you healthy, getting involved in sports and activities can introduce you to new people and communities, and help you get settled into your new home. If you have a local tip, please feel free to contact [email protected], and we’ll add it here if appropriate.

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