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Moving2Canada Jobs Report: May 2019

Almost 107,000 jobs were created last month to give Canada it's largest monthly increase since 1976.

Total PopulationApr 2018Mar 2019Apr 2019Change M-O-MChange Y-O-Y
Labour force (x 1,000)19,765.4020,079.7020,187.80108.1422.4
Employment (x 1,000)18,602.7018,922.6019,029.10106.5426.4
Full-time employment (x 1,000)15,170.4015,345.3015,418.3073.0247.9
Part-time employment (x 1,000)3,432.303,577.203,610.8033.6178.5
Unemployment rate (percentage)

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