Canadian job markets beat many US counterparts in the latest CBRE Tech-30 report ranking, with the Toronto tech jobs market leading in high-tech job growth, Vancouver edging New York City for third place, and Montreal shooting up the rankings to secure sixth spot.

Toronto enjoyed 26 percent high-tech job growth in 2019 to 2020, with Vancouver at 21 percent and Montreal at nearly 15 percent.

U.S. commercial real estate and investment firm CBRE produces its Tech-30 report to explore the tech industry’s impact on office space. The report ranks the 30 leading tech markets in the U.S. and Canada, as well as 10 up-and-coming tech markets.

Ottawa, Waterloo, and Calgary are among those emerging markets to watch as Canada flexes its tech muscles on the global stage.

Toronto is now home to offices of some of the world’s most well-known tech companies, including Google, Amazon, Netflix, Stripe, Reddit, TikTok, Doordash, Uber, and Pinterest. Toronto also embodies an energetic startup culture, with innumerable smaller tech companies setting up shop in Canada’s largest city.

CBRE Tech-30 Report Rankings - Toronto Tech Jobs Market

Source: CBRE Group, Inc.

Toronto tech jobs growth is no fluke

In 2020, Toronto was the fastest growing metropolitan area in North America. It was already one of the most diverse; roughly half of Toronto residents were born outside Canada, with many of those moving to Toronto doing so primarily because of tech job opportunities in Toronto. Indeed, many of Toronto’s tech success stories are immigrant-led.

All considered, it’s no surprise that the spirit of innovation is pervasive under the shadow of the city’s famous CN Tower.

Take advantage of Canada’s tech boom

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