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Australia has launched a new points system impacting people applying for an Australian police certificate for the purpose of moving to Canada.

The new system requires applicants to show that they score at least 100 points for “identification documents.” This system should help Australia more easily process requests for police certificates by providing a clear-cut means of verifying an applicant’s identity.

Police clearance certificates are a mandatory requirement for many types of Canadian immigration applications. Almost all applicants for permanent residence, including those applying through Express Entry, are required to submit police clearance certificates. As well, the IEC Working Holiday program, which is extremely popular among Australians, requires applicants to submit police clearance certificates.

How does Australia’s new police certificate system work?

Under the new system, applicants for a police certificate must prove that they have at least 100 points in terms of identity documentation. Points are awarded for things ranging from passports (Australian and foreign), medicare cards, marriage certificates, utility bills, and more.

Generally, government-issued documents score more points, with less formal documents scoring fewer points. For example, applicants receive 70 points for a passport and only 20 points for a utility bill.

For full details about how to apply for an Australian police certificate and the new points system, please refer to the official instructions from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Australian citizens and residents should take note of the new requirements to ensure they have the documents they need to get their police certificates.

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