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Edmonton, named after an area of London of the same name, has an enduring affiliation with Britain.

Alberta and Canadian flags
The flag of Alberta symbolizes its British heritage. Edmonton is the provincial capital.

On completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1880s, the “Gateway to the North” attracted entrepreneurs and settlers from Britain and Europe, as it still does today. Now the staging post for Alberta’s booming oil sands projects, Edmonton continues to attract migrant workers from around the world, many of whom arrive from the UK.

We have compiled a short list of useful links and contacts for British people residing in Edmonton. Other links relevant to the whole of Canada can be found here. Please get in touch with us if you have any suggestions for making this list more comprehensive and useful for Brits living in Edmonton.

British in Edmonton — Useful links

  • British in Edmonton Facebook group.
  • Good Taste of Britain — British speciality store, with food, sports attire and novelties. Based in Calgary and Edmonton.
  • The British Import Shop, located in the West Edmonton Mall, specializes in British food, household items and novelties.
  • The Edmonton and District Cricket League.
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