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June was a big month in terms of program updates, but the number of invitations were again lower than what we saw in earlier rounds this year. Dig into the key stats from June’s PNP rounds, and then learn about the updates in Ontario, Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Key Stats From June’s PNP Results

Provinces with the Most Draws:

  1. BC: 4 draws (June 4, 11, 18, 25)
  2. Quebec: 3 draws published (June 10, 17, 27)
  3. Ontario: 3 draws (June 11, 17, 20)
  4. Manitoba: 3 draws

Provinces with the Least Draws:

  1. Alberta: 1 draw (June 18)
  2. Saskatchewan: 1 draw (June 13)
  3. PEI: 1 draw

Invitations by Province in June 2024:

  • Alberta: 73
  • BC: 277
  • Ontario: 646
  • Manitoba: 667
  • Quebec: 4,279
  • PEI: 75
  • Saskatchewan: 120


Provincial Nominee Program Updates: June 2024 

Ontario Introduces PNP Changes For Nurses and Trades Workers  

Ontario made a number of changes to make it easier for nurses and certain trades workers to qualify for the OINP. Here’s a quick recap: 

  • The education requirements for nurses applying to the Human Capital Priorities and French-Speaking Skilled Worker streams have changed. Nurses who are registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario and who meet the NOC requirements do not need to demonstrate the education requirements for the streams. 
  • 34 occupations, including a range of trades and industry occupations, would be added to the Employer Job Offer eligibility list for workers outside of the GTA. 
  • Those working in “NOC 75119 – Other trades helpers and labourers” occupations would be eligible under the Ontario Employer Job Offer stream for work inside and outside of the GTA.

Ontario Increases Penalties For Immigration Act Contraventions

Ontario has increased the financial penalties for noncompliance with its Immigration Act. This increases the stakes for employers and recruiters who do the wrong thing, such as not meeting conditions for hiring foreign workers, engaging in unethical practices like charging illegal fees or providing misleading information, or those who financially benefit from wrongdoing. 

The new formula for calculating penalties also considers multi-applicant violations and the number of past penalties, so there are higher penalties for employers or recruiters who engage in large-scale wrongdoing or who have a track record of noncompliance. 

BC’s International Credential Recognition Act Now In Effect

BC’s new law, designed to reduce barriers for newcomers who want to work in regulated professions in BC, came into effect on July 1. One important change that the new law will introduce is the removal of Canadian work experience requirements. This is a big deal, since the work experience requirement is a significant hurdle for internationally trained professionals. 

You can learn more about which workers will benefit from these changes.


Alberta Introduces Law Enforcement Pathway

Alberta announced a new pathway for law enforcement to support Alberta’s international police officer recruitment initiatives. The announcement, which came on June 25, highlights that the pathway is currently planned and more details will be released ‘soon’. 

The pathway is intended for: 

  • Commissioned and non-commissioned police officers and related public protection services occupations. 
  • Police investigators and other investigative occupations. 
  • Other specialized law enforcement occupations. 

Saskatchewan’s Economic and Population Growth Continues

Saskatchewan’s labour market reporting highlighted continued strong growth in terms of jobs and immigration. The province has an unemployment rate of 5.5%, lower than the national average which currently sits at 6.4%. Meanwhile, Saskatchewan’s population grew to an all-time high of 950,100 people aged 15 or over. 

“Saskatchewan’s growing at its fastest pace in more than a century with more people living and working in the province than ever before,” Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison said. “Investment in Saskatchewan is driving historic economic growth and job creation, which allows us to take measures to keep life affordable in Saskatchewan, while making record investments in health care, education and our communities.” 

This is good news for newcomers to Canada who are considering moving to Saskatchewan because the low unemployment rate coincides with increasing population, so there is work available for those moving to the province. 

Other quick updates: 

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