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Alberta’s Provincial Nominee Program, the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP), is experiencing extremely high demand. At the moment, demand for immigration pathways in Alberta is far higher than the number of allocations it received for 2024 – which it recently announced as being 9,750 provincial nominations in 2024.

To manage the high demand for the AAIP, Alberta paused applications for a number of programs earlier this year. It has now announced new guidelines for the following programs: 

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Rural Renewal Stream
  • Accelerated Tech Pathway. 

These guidelines reflect those used for the Tourism and Hospitality stream which was announced earlier this year. 

Key Takeaways

  • Eligibility criteria for the above programs have not changed. The changes relate to how applications are received by Alberta. 
  • Application intakes will be staged, with intakes opening once a month and closing once the monthly application target is reached. 
  • It’s important to have your application ready to go on the intake dates. You should prepare your online application in advance and have all your documents ready for submission on the intake dates. 

AAIP Nomination Allocations For 2024

The federal government allocated 9,750 PNP nominations to Alberta for 2024. Here’s how those nominations will be allocated by Alberta: 

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream: 5,393 nominations in 2024
  • Express Entry Stream: 1,775 nominations in 2024
  • Rural Renewal Stream: 1,900 nominations in 2024
  • Tourism and Hospitality Stream: 660 nominations in 2024
  • Entrepreneur Streams: 22 nominations in 2024

As of May 29, 2024, there are 5413 nominations remaining in Alberta’s 2024 allocation. This is what that allocation looks like per program: 

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream: 3148 nominations remaining in 2024
  • Express Entry Stream: 792 nominations remaining in 2024
  • Rural Renewal Stream: 929 nominations remaining in 2024
  • Tourism and Hospitality Stream: 525 nominations remaining in 2024
  • Entrepreneur Streams: 19 nominations remaining in 2024. 

Alberta has also published figures for the Express Entry Stream allocations in 2024: 

  • Dedicated Healthcare Pathways: 320 nominations for 2024, 92 remaining. 
  • Accelerated Tech Pathway: 1,047 nominations for 2024, 511 remaining.
  • Priority Sector Draws and other initiatives: 231 nominations for 2024, 115 remaining. 
  • Family Connection and Occupations in Demand: 177 nominations for 2024, 74 remaining. 

When Can You Apply For the AAIP In 2024?

The AAIP will open intake for the Tourism and Hospitality Stream, Alberta Opportunity Stream, Rural Renewal Stream and Accelerated Tech Pathway on the following dates: 

  • June 11
  • July 9
  • August 13
  • September 10
  • October 8
  • November 5 
  • December 10. 

You should be prepared to apply as early as possible on those dates. There is high demand for these programs and intake will only be open briefly, until each application intake limit is filled. 


What Are The Application Intake Limits For The AAIP in 2024?

Alberta has also published how many applications it will be accepting in each intake for the rest of 2024: 

Stream / pathway11-Jun09-Jul13-Aug10-Sep08-Oct05-Nov10-Dec
Alberta Opportunity Stream430 >444430444430444430
Express Entry Stream
Accelerated Tech Pathway *
Rural Renewal Stream145160145160145160145
Tourism and Hospitality Stream130143130143130143130
Approximate application intake totals735797755797755797755


Preparing Your AAIP Application For Submission

AAIP Applications are submitted via the online portal. You will need an Account to create an account in the AAIP portal. 

Once you’ve opened your account, you should review the document checklist and gather all the mandatory documents and complete as much of your application as you can prior to the intake date. 

Here are some quick tips for your application: 

  • Documents must be provided in English or French, or via a certified translation. 
  • There are specific file requirements, including size requirements and file types. Reviewing those requirements in advance (here) can help you streamline the application process. 
  • Ensure your documents show all the required information. For instance, job offers for the Tourism and Hospitality Stream must be on letterhead and should include information about the salary/wage,employer contact details, job duties, and duration and conditions of employment, and it must be signed by you and your employer. 
  • When you navigate through the website, don’t use the navigation arrows. Only click the previous and next buttons to reduce your risk of losing parts of your application. 

Benefits Of The New AAIP Processes

This new process has been implemented to deal with the overwhelming demand for Alberta’s PNP. While the process may be frustrating for those of you who miss out on the intake each month (we expect the intake will close quickly each month), it does mean that you will have multiple opportunities to apply for the AAIP. 

This new approach also provides additional certainty to applicants regarding when applications will be open. While intakes are limited, this new approach offers year-round access to the program. It’s also not going to close temporarily due to demand, which helps to increase confidence in the program. 

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