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On July 5, Canada invited 3,750 Express Entry candidates in a category-based draw targeting Healthcare workers. The CRS cut-off for this draw was a low 445 points, and marks the third Express Entry draw this week.

Key Takeaways for Express Entry Candidates

Our Analysis of Today’s Express Entry Draw

This is the first Express Entry draw targeting healthcare occupations since February, and the largest healthcare draw since category-based Express Entry draws were introduced a year ago. A total of five healthcare draws, including today’s, have taken place since.

The previous healthcare draw, which took place on February 14, had a CRS cut-off score of 422, a full 23 points lower than today’s cut-off. Fewer candidates (3,500) were invited in that draw, and there was a four-month gap between that draw and the previous healthcare draw that took place in October 2023  — roughly similar to the five-month gap between February 14 and July 5.

What does this tell us? Well, candidates seeking an invitation should note the myriad factors that can affect a cut-off score, among them the number of candidates invited and the regularity of draws. More invitations and / or more draws increases the likelihood of a lower cut-off, if other factors are constant.

But that’s not quite the full picture, because other things are in flux too. For example, more candidates can enter the pool, and a portion of those could be eligible for specific category-based draws. Plus, existing candidates can use their time in the pool to increase their points total — you can’t make yourself younger, but you can potentially retake a language test, prove French, complete a study program, win an eligible job offer, or secure a provincial nomination. These are just some of the points-boosting tactics in play.

A Sign of Things To Come

January 1st, 2024 to June 30th, 2024 saw a total of 43,454 invites issued, down 28% from the same period of 2023. We hope the three draws already conducted in July, are a sign of good things to come for the following six months. To make 2024/ 2025 immigration numbers, we expect IRCC to issue around 70,000 ITAs in the next six months. Hopefully, some of these go to all program, general draws but time will tell. 

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Citation "Express Entry Draw 301 – 3,750 Healthcare Workers Invited To Apply." Moving2Canada. . Copy for Citation


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