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This article was updated more than 6 months ago. Some information may be outdated.

The government has released an "historic and responsible" three-year Canada Immigration Plan for 2018-2020, with a target to welcome 980,000 new permanent residents to the country. The plan was published on November 1, 2017.

The government of Canada has revealed an updated multi-year immigration levels plan for 2019-2021, with revised figures and targets. The 2019-2021 plan is more up-to-date than the plan described below on this page.” View the 2019-2021 Canada Immigration Levels Plan

The majority of new permanent residents will settle as economic immigrants, with 242,100 expected to arrive through programs managed under the Express Entry system. With processing times of six months or less, Express Entry has proven to be successful in bringing tens of thousands of workers to Canada, as well as helping foreign workers and graduates in Canada transition to permanent resident status.

The federal government will also continue to work with the provinces in settling up to 183,800 new permanent residents through the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)from 2018 to 2020.

Canada will also welcome up to 265,500spouses, common-law partners, dependent children, parents, and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents under its Family Class programs. Finally, Canada will continue to uphold its tradition of being a safe haven for those in need by settling up to 137,350 refugees, as well as up to 12,250 for humanitarian and other reasons.

In total, the government aims to welcome 310,000 new permanent residents in 2018, followed by 330,000 in 2019, and 340,000 in 2020.

Individuals and families who wish to settle in permanent residents may consult with one of Moving2Canada’s recommended, experienced immigration consultants to learn which pathway is right for them.

The three-year commitment is a departure from previous immigration plans, which typically set out targets for 12 month periods. The government says the longer plan will help stakeholders, including provincial governments and employers, to plan ahead.

Announcing the new plan, Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said the targets were the most ambitious in recent Canadian history.

“Newcomers play a vital role in our society. Immigration, in partnership with our welcoming society, has truly shaped the country that we all call home,” Minister Hussen said.

“This ambitious plan will benefit all Canadians, because immigrants contribute to economic growth and keep our country competitive in a global economy.”

Minster Hussen added that immigration is needed to support Canada’s seniors, with five million people set to retire by 2035, and projections showing that fewer working people will be available to support them.


Canada Immigration Plan 2018-2020 at a glance

Immigration categoryCategory2017 Target2018 Range2018 Target2019 Range2019 Target2020 Range2020 Target
Economic ProgramsFSW, FST, CEC71,70072,700 - 78,20074,90076,000 - 83,00081,40081,000 - 88,00085,800
Atlantic Pilot2,000500 - 2,0001,0001,000 - 4,0002,0002,000 - 4,0004,000
Caregivers18,00015,000 - 20,00017,0009,500 - 15,50014,0004,000 - 7,0005,000
Business500500 - 1,000700500 - 1,500700500 - 1,500700
PNPs51,00053,000 - 57,40055,00057,000 - 63,50061,00062,000 - 68,50067,800
Quebec (Skilled Worker & Business)29,30027,900 - 29,90028,90031,500 - 33,50032,50031,500 - 33,50032,500
Total Economic172,500169,600 - 188,500177,500175,500 - 201,000191,600181,000 - 202,500195,800
Family ClassSpouses, Partners, and Dependent Children64,00064,000 - 68,00066,00064,000 - 70,00068,00064,000 - 74,00070,000
Parents and Grandparents20,00017,000 - 21,00020,00018,000 - 21,00020,50018,000 - 22,00021,000
All Family Class Programs84,00081,000 - 89,00086,00082,000 - 91,00088,50082,000 - 96,00091,000
Refugees and Protected PersonsProtected Persons in Canada & Dependents Abroad15,00013,500 - 17,00016,00014,000 - 20,00016,50016,000 - 20,00017,000
Government Assisted7,5006,000 - 8,0007,5007,000 - 9,0008,5008,500 - 10,50010,000
Blended Visa Office Referred1,5001,000 - 3,0001,5001,000 - 3,0001,6501,000 - 3,0001,700
Privately Sponsored16,00016,000 - 20,00018,00017,000 - 21,00019,00018,000 - 23,00020,000
Total Refugees and Protected Persons40,00036,500 - 48,00043,00039,000 - 53,00045,65043,500 - 56,50048,700
Humanitarian and OtherTotal Humanitarian & Other3,5002,900 - 4,5003,5003,500 - 5,0004,2503,500 - 5,0004,500
Overall Planned Permanent Admissions300,000290,000 - 330,000310,000300,000 - 350,000330,000310,000 - 360,000340,000

The 2018-2020 Canada Immigration Plan does not include the many hundreds of thousands more people are expected to arrive in Canada with a work permit or as an international student.

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