One Year in Canada by Jack O'Reilly

This amateur video sums up how amazing Canada is

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One of the things many of us struggle with as emigrants is telling people back home how beautiful Canada is. It can be hard to put into words how much diverse and natural beauty there is on offer.

Luckily, people like Jack O’Reilly are there to help us out. Jack moved from Wicklow, Ireland to Canada last summer with his girlfriend and one of his best friends, and has been busy shooting videos of his time here ever since.

“I decided to come to Canada for the opportunities, and mainly for the adventure. I didn’t tell the two people I was travelling with that the real reason for the ‘why Canada?’ question was that I just see Canada as one huge and beautiful place with endless opportunities for adventure,” he told Moving2Canada.

One Year in Canada by Jack O'Reilly

We’re sure you’ll agree that Jack has been taking advantage of those endless opportunities. He lived first in Vancouver, before moving to Whistler and then to Calgary.

Along the way, he’s seen grizzly bears, explored the wild, hit the beaches, gone skiing and ziplining, soaked up the sun and driven through the snow.

Last week, Jack put together a video called ‘One Year in Canada’. If it doesn’t make you interested in Canada, we’re pretty sure nothing will.

“This is the first video I’ve made, but I’m seriously thinking about making more,” Jack tells us.

“For every cool thing I’ve seen on our adventure, I just naturally grabbed my camera and filmed and it just got to the stage I had so many videos that I needed to do something with them.”

He edited the video using a trial version of Final Cut Pro X. He says it took about a week in total, as he learned how to use the software.

“Then, after a few beers, I decided to stay up all night and actually make the video.”

One Year in Canada by Jack O'Reilly

“My favourite place so far has got to be Whistler,” Jack tells us.

“It’s often viewed as just a party town, but it’s so much more. There is a real community feel and it’s just a bubble of bliss.”

This is Jack’s first major travelling adventure outside of Ireland. With one amazing year behind him, he says he has no signs of slowing down just yet.

“It’s just made me want to travel more. I feel I can’t stay in one spot for too long – even when in Canada. There are just too many things to do and places to see,” he explained.

We just hope you’ll always have your camera close by. Good luck!

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