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There have been a few magical moments at Moving2Canada when we knew that we were creating something unique and special — something that our community would hugely benefit from. The Travel, Work, & Play program that we developed in partnership with Young Guns Container Crew this year is one of those special projects.

The central idea is that young adults should be able to move between some amazing international destinations and grow their career, at the same time.

Many, if not most, people moving to a new country experience a similar reality — starting from scratch. No local work experience or connections. A dwindling bank balance. Time sunk into finding temporary accommodation. Few mates, if any. Having to take work that is, well, a bit crappy, just to get by. Move again and you have to start from scratch all over.

Travel, Work, & Play solves most of that, and more besides.

Before the launch of the new program, more than 100 of our community members (and counting) have been welcomed as Young Guns team members. Most have come to Canada through the International Experience Canada (IEC) program, but we have also helped international students, new permanent residents, and even locals join the Young Guns team. Most of them stick around for the long haul, with some going on to leadership and managerial positions within the organisation.

Now with Travel, Work, & Play, many Young Gunners can hop between some of the best newcomer destinations in the world, taking valuable experience with them as they go.

Young Guns pays well — really well, if your team hits a groove. And as for workplace culture, this is a company that helps every team member become the best version of themselves, all while making life-long connections.

In researching the program, we surveyed our community in Canada and around the world, learning more about what they care about and where they want to be — physically, emotionally, professionally — and what they need when starting a new job in a new city. With our help, Young Guns has put together a unique international job opportunity that addresses those needs and goals.

Young Guns is a multinational logistics company with job sites in many countries, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. With Travel, Work, & Play, you could begin your adventure in one city, then move to another within the same country or organise a transfer to another country such as Australia or New Zealand, or stay where you first started. Either way, you’ll have big opportunities.

Want in? Fill out the short form below. (If you want to know more before submitting your interest, head over to Young Guns’ Travel, Work, & Play site here.)

Working with Young Guns

Moving2Canada’s videographer, Stephen, took on a new challenge when he spent a day working with Young Guns Container Crew at their location in Vancouver, British Columbia. Here’s what went down.

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