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Being an introvert is cool. You wouldn’t want to change that aspect of your personality. Introspection is a quality that keeps you sound and strong through life. However, it seems like introverts have a disadvantage when it comes to moving to new places. Changing the surroundings and meeting new people is a huge challenge. Attending job interviews is an even greater challenge.

Canadian culture and lifestyle are pretty convenient for introverts. The people here are interested in art, reading, walks, and solitary activities. You won’t have trouble fitting in, since everyone minds their business. Still, people are always willing to help. They accept strangers in the community, so you will feel like a natural with just a little bit of effort.

The professionalism, on the other hand, is at a very high level. The culture in Canadian companies and organizations may seem overly cold, at least when we compare it to the friendly attitude present in US corporations. Again, that aspect is suitable for introverts. You’ll act like a professional and no one will violate your personal space unless you want them to.

That doesn’t deny the fact that extroverts are still at an advantage during job interviews. They are good at being the center of attention, so they can easily sell themselves to the HR managers. For an introvert, that challenge is a bit overwhelming. Are you interested in learning how to overcome it? Read on; we have some tips that can turn an introvert into a master of interviews.

1. Introverts know a lot about themselves. Focus on those points!

If you’re an introvert, you’ve probably taken a lot of time to think about your character, strengths, and flaws. You know what you’re interested in, and you have deep opinions about the world that surrounds you. You need to focus on the best personality aspects you’re aware of.

Before attending an interview, make a plan about the points you’re going to talk about. When you approach with a plan, you’ll avoid the useless chit-chat. What are your interests and personal strengths? What professional background do you have? How do you spend your free time?

Think about these things before the interview and practice speaking about them. Such an approach will prevent you from feeling like you’ve suddenly been dropped into an unexpected situation.


2. Listen!

Introverts are great listeners. Believe it or not, that quality is very important during job interviews. Of course you’ll do most of the talking, but that doesn’t mean you should solely focus on yourself. Pay close attention to the questions the HR manager is asking. Take few seconds to think before answering.

Don’t hold back to ask your own questions. We’ll assume you’ve done your research about the company you’re being interviewed at. Think of interesting questions about the current projects and ask about the challenges the team is facing.

3. Get ready for small talk.

We know you don’t like small talk. We know you’re not good at it and you don’t see the point in talking about things you’re not interested in. Still, small talk is often necessary during interviews, since it guides the conversation into the desired direction.

The interviewer may ask some casual questions, such as “how are you doing today?” Prepare in advance about the way you’re going to respond, since a simple ‘okay’ won’t work this time. You should also try leading the small talk instead of waiting for questions and answering them. Ask about the local restaurants and the office activities the team enjoys.

This small talk won’t be pointless. Keep in mind that the interviewer is recording your actions, answers, and questions. Everything you say or do makes a difference in the overall impression you leave.

4. Accept the tone of the interviewer.

In this situation, the interviewer is a leader, and you’re a follower. Introverts can often come across as distant and bored. It’s not that you lack enthusiasm; you’re just not that good at expressing it. You don’t want the interviewer to get the wrong impression. You can avoid that by copying their tone.

If the interviewer uses gestures, you should put your own hands to work. Should they try to make the interview fun, then laugh and make few subtle jokes. If you notice that the interviewer is extremely professional and distant, you should also maintain a professional tone. It’s that simple.

Canada offers tons of professional and social opportunities. Introverts can easily start feeling at home here. Still, you need to make an effort and give your best to shine!

Kate Simpson is the talented head of the writing team at the Assignment Masters service. Alongside her vital editing duties, Kate also contributes her own insights as a writer of AM news columns.

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