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Thanks to Gemma Lennon for providing this information to assist newcomers seeking life science jobs in Canada.

Note: This article is written for Vancouver, British Columbia, but the advice is applicable to all provinces in Canada.

The life sciences industries, such as biomedical, pharmacology and medical devices, are not major employers in Vancouver. Within Canada, the main centres for life sciences are in Ontario and central Alberta. That being said, there are some interesting companies and opportunities in Vancouver. The key is getting to meet at least one person within the industry for a coffee or informational meeting to gain their perspective. This can possibly open up a valuable network of people, as well as give you the inside track on forthcoming job opportunities. Using LinkedIn and informational meetings to build your network and find opportunities is a great way to start.

The website is a valuable source of information about the industry in British Columbia. As well as listing all the companies, it advertises openings within the life sciences industry here. Ensure that you follow all these local companies on LinkedIn, as this can be used to post jobs.

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