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The more educated you are the more money you will make, right?—WRONG.

We collected the stats of the highest paying jobs in Canada by the amount of education required, and found that the median earnings of Master’s degree graduates, while high, were also compareable to (and sometimes less than) those of trades certificate graduates.

When we talk about “median earnings” we are referring to the figure in the middle of the data set. Some workers in these fields may make less, other may make more than the amounts provided.

Knowing how much money you could potentially make, and the amount of education required for a job, can help you make a decision on whether higher education is worth it for you. In some cases, your return on investment may be better if you go into the trades than if you pursue academia. That being said, the trades are not for everyone. It all depends on what you want out of your career, and how much time and money you are willing to spend on your education.

The following figures are sourced from the Job Bank website, an employment website operated by Employment and Social Development Canada. It provides an online database of job listings in Canada, as well as other employment services and information for recruiters and job seekers. All figures are from March, 2023.

In cases where there are two median incomes reported, it is due to differences in educational attainment.

1. Stationary Energy Sources Installer and Operator

Education: Diploma or trades certificate
Median Salary: $106,656 – $128,310

These workers include petroleum, gas and chemical process operators, construction millwrights and industrial mechanics, and heavy equipment operators (except crane).

Even without a full diploma, workers in the stationary energy sources field make a high salary. Power engineers and power systems operators may fall under this category.

2. Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and administration

Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
Median Salary: $103,059 – $109,645

Bachelor’s degree graduates in this field may become pharmacists, and other medical technologists and technicitans (except dental health).

Pharmacists may also have Master’s degrees. Other occupations in this field requiring higher education include chemical technologists and technicians, chemists, and health policy researchers, consultants and program officers.

3. Finance and financial management services

Education: Master’s
Median Salary: $106,578

Jobs in this field include financial and investment analysts, other financial officers, financial managers, and financial auditors and accountants among others.

4. Dentistry

Education: Bachelor’s, plus specialized training and licensing
Median Salary: $106,578

While dentistry may include dentists, more specialized occupations like oral and maxillofacial surgeons also fall under this category.

It takes a four-year degree plus additional studies in dentistry. Like other medical professions, the licensing of dentists falls under provincial jurisdiction. Each Canadian province may have varying requirements for dentists to practice.

5. Accounting

Education: Master’s
Median Salary: $102,610

The accounting field includes accountants and financial auditors. These professionals are typically concerned with administering accounting systems, preparing financial information for individuals and organizations, and conducting feild audits of businesses to ensure compliance with Canadian law.

6. Business and commerce and administrations

Education: Master’s
Median Salary: $100,022

Master’s degree graduates in this field include professional occupations in business management consulting, banking, credit and other investment managers, as well as financial and investment analysts.

7. Optometry

Education: Bachelor’s, plus specialized training and licensing
Median Salary: $99,748

Optometrists are medical professionals who specialize in eye health. In addition to a bachelor’s degree, optometrists must meet the requiremetns of and comply with provincial health authorities in order to practice.

8. Law, legal services and legal studies

Education: Master’s
Median Salary: $98,021

Lawyers and Quebec notaries make up the majority of professionals in this feild. Paralegals, social policy researchers, consultants, and program officers also fall under this category.

9. Heavy/Industrial Equipment Maintenance Technologies

Education: Trades certificate
Median Salary: $97,970

Heavy-duty equipment mechanics repair, troubleshoot, and maintain mobile heavy-duty equiment that may be used in construction and other such activities. Typically, these professionals are employed by companies which own and operate heavy equipment.

10. Other engineering fields

Education: Master’s
Median Salary: $97,008

Under Canada’s occupation classification system, “other” engineering fields include civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and eletrical engineers among others.

Finding a job in Canada

The first step to finding a job in Canada is polishing up your resume. That means ensuring that your resume is formatted to the preferred Canadian style.

In general, that means no more than two pages, little personal information, and no photo. Moving2Canada has more on how to format your resume for Canada on this dedicated webpage.

If you are selected for an interview, keep in mind some of the questions you may be asked. Generally speaking, go into an interview knowing the company and knowing how you in particular can fill a specific need.

Keep in mind, if you have experience in a regulated occupation in your home country, you may run into some credential recognition issues. Canadian policy makers are continually working to aleviate these issues. For example, Ontario came out with a new measure to facilitate the licensing of internaionally trained engineers.

When you’re ready, start your job search by using the Moving2Canada job board. You can also check out our partners who are now hiring.

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