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Outpost Recruitment: Our Process

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Since March 2011, we have been working to help newcomers and potential immigrants to Canada find employment.

In July 2012, we registered as a recruitment agency at the request of one of Canada’s top general contractors and one of the top three engineering consultancies.

Since then, we have quickly established ourselves as a boutique recruitment agency that can bring value to job seekers and Canadian employers. In order to make our relationship a success from the start, we ask you to familiarize yourself with our process. Our goal is to help you develop your career in the right direction.

Note: Moving2Canada Recruitment is now called Outpost Recruitment. Learn more about the change, and visit Outpost Recruitment for job postings.


5 Steps to being successful with Outpost Recruitment

Step 1: Contact our team

Get in touch with your CV / resume and give us an outline of the type of role you are looking for. Try to be as specific as possible.

Step 2: Complete our short questionnaire

We will ask you to complete a short questionnaire so we can understand your skills and experience in more detail and send you resources to help perfect your resume.

Step 3: Create a Canadian-style resume

This is crucial to your success. Canadian employers expect to receive a resume in a specific format and we insist on applying this format to help you maximize your chances of success.

Step 4: Initial screening interview via Skype

In instances where we feel we can help, we will set up a video conference with the candidate. We use this opportunity to learn more about the candidate and their preferences, as well as answer any questions you have about the process. This discussion will give us a clear picture of how we can help you.

Step 5: Feedback and Shortlisting

Outpost Recruitment will highlight suitable roles, provide insight into the market and contact companies on your behalf. In the meantime, we ask you as the candidate to help us by taking ownership of the process and being proactive.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why use a recruiter?

Outpost Recruitment has specialized in construction and engineering recruitment for several years. We speak with industry experts, employers, and candidates every day, so our fingers are on the pulse of the Canadian construction industry. We provide free consulting on your resume, job prospects, interview preparation and salary negotiations to help you be successful in your job search.

Do you charge candidates a fee for finding them a job?

Never. Charging a fee for recruitment services is illegal. Our clients, the employers, pay us a fee to help them solve the pain of finding great people.

What can I do to expedite the process?

We encourage you to be open to change and be proactive throughout the process. We enjoy working with people who take charge of their own destiny. Our success depends on open communication and teamwork.

Will using a recruitment agency affect my salary?

Absolutely not. This is one of the common myths about recruitment. Companies use recruitment agencies because they provide a valuable service to their organization. Recruitment fees are a cost of doing business and employers never deduct this fee from an employee’s compensation package. The popularity of Outpost Recruitment is a result of our fantastic pool of international candidates, our caring approach to recruitment, and our cost-effective fees, which help employers control their hiring costs.

Is it okay to apply directly to companies or use other agencies?

Yes, of course. We don’t enforce candidate to work exclusively with us but we do ask candidates to keep us updated on progress. It’s crucial that we are kept informed of any changes and updates to your job hunt. Strong teamwork between candidate and recruitment consultant is crucial to success.

What if you do not find a job for me?

Our promise is that we will always add some value to the candidate’s job hunt. We provide free consulting on your resume, the jobs market, and relocation advice. If we do not think we can help with your job search, we will make this clear from the beginning and recommend that you use other resources.

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